Our Mothers Day dinner ideas for those of you still deciding what to cook mum tonight for her special day, include everything from a tasty Spanish tapas spread to transport her to Europe and an alfresco spring feast to a casual curry night and a Sunday roast dinner for the woman who has probably baked you countless roast dinners in your life.

We’ve still got plenty of ideas for recipes for Mother’s Day if you still can’t decide what to cook mum for Mother’s Day dinner tonight, whether you’re looking for something fancy for a proper sit-down dinner or an easy casual meal so you can focus on spending quality time together rather than in the kitchen, we have something for all of you.

I’ve rounded up some of our favourite Mothers Day dinner ideas from our archive of recipes from around the world, many which we’ve learnt to cook in places we’ve settled into on our global travels or that we’ve created inspired by places we’ve experienced, so if you don’t find something here you like, do browse our archive.

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Now let me tell you about our Mothers Day dinner ideas.

Mothers Day Dinner Ideas – Spanish Tapas, a Spring Feast, a Sunday Roast and a Casual Curry Night

Spanish Tapas Spread

I reckon this is one of my best Mothers Day dinner ideas – why not transport your mum to Spain and take her on a Spanish tapas bar crawl in the comfort of her own home, or your home?

You’ll need this collection of our best Spanish tapas recipes for some of the most popular Spanish tapas bar snacks. We have recipes for the Spanish meatballs called albondigas, chorizo and potato croquettes for croquetas de patata y chorizo, the classic garlic shrimp or gambas al ajillo, a Spanish chorizo in red wine recipe for chorizo al vino tinto, and calamari a la plancha.

If you’re not familiar with Spanish tapas, a tapa is a small snack plate offered at tapas bars in Spain and abroad – ‘tapas’ is plural – where a tapas bar crawl is the best means by which to sample these delicious snacks.

A leisurely bar-hop from one boisterous tapas spot to another, sipping vermouth or vino while nibbling on these tasty morsels is must-do for food-loving travellers to Spain.

While it’s a bit tricky to replicate an actual tapas bar crawl in your own home, making a spread of tapas is the next best thing, and if your mum is a fan of Spain, she’s going to enjoy your tapas feast. Especially washed down with jugs of sangria!


Alfresco Spring Feast

If you’re in the northern hemisphere in the midst of spring, with a bounty of beautiful spring produce available, then why not go for a light spring feast in the early evening, preferably served up on an alfresco terrace or balcony or in the garden.

I’d make this easy salmon tray bake the star attraction – crispy skinned salmon fillets baked so that the skin crackles but the flesh remains moist, with roasted spring vegetables that are just-done so that they’re still fresh and crunchy.

Sprinkled with spring onions and fresh fragrant dill and served with lemon slices, it makes the lightest of roasts, perfect for a spring dinner.

If you’re feeding a large family, I’d make a big bowl of creamy mashed potatoes and a few salads, such as this stunning salmon potato salad, which is as delicious as it looks and it looks impressive, this light aromatic herb salad, and this Mediterranean style tomato salad, which is another stunner.

If you’re not taken with any of those salads, you’ll find more ideas in this collection of salad recipes. A bottle of bubbly and a few nice bottles of chilled dry white wines, and a platter of fresh seasonal fruits for dessert and you’re set.

Sunday Roast Dinner

If your mum has spent countless Sundays cooking a roast dinner for you and the family, then here’s another of my top Mothers Day dinner ideas – a Sunday roast dinner for mum, but they’re roasts with a difference. I have a couple of outstanding roast dinner recipes for you.

I have my favourite Cambodian roast chicken recipe, which makes a fragrant, flavoursome and moist roast chicken thanks to my Cambodian inspired herb butter and a stuffing made with yellow kroeung, an aromatic Khmer herb and spice paste pounded from fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime zest, galangal, turmeric, garlic, and shallots.

I recommend baking baby carrots, corn, potatoes, and shallots, which can be cooked with the chicken for a comforting Cambodian-inspired roast. Of course, you can also serve a big bowl of creamy mashed potatoes on the side to share.

I also have an incredibly succulent pork roast recipe for a spice rubbed roast pork stuffed with garlic, herbs and spices that is as rich and delicious as it looks. The slow cooked pork belly roast has a crunchy skin and moist pork belly infused with spices and herbs. It’s so rich, you wouldn’t want to eat it every weekend, but it’s perfect for Mother’s Day dinner.

You’ll need to massage the pork belly with olive oil, spices and herbs, roll it up, tie it up, and while it’s best to marinate it the night before, if you put it in the fridge to marinate now, you’ll be able to roast it late this afternoon. Then you can prep the vegetables and bake those with the roast.

Casual Curry Night

Is your mum a spice lover or a fan of Southeast Asian curries? And she doesn’t like being fussed over? Then here’s another of my best Mothers Day dinner ideas – a casual curry night.

A curry night is a cool idea if mum loves spicy food. First of all, you can put a couple of curries on in the afternoon, then turn the heat to low to let them simmer while you make salads and sides and refrigerate those, so you’re not cooking when family arrives.

They’re fantastic if you’re feeding a big family as you can serve everything sharing style at the centre of the table and let everyone help themselves. Although you should do as they do here in Southeast Asia and serve your mother. Elders first!

We’ve got loads of curry recipes from all over Southeast Asia and beyond, from Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, along with South Africa, from the Cape Malay community in Cape Town.

You could use our Search box and search for ‘Thai food’ or ‘Burmese food’ and we have lots of Cambodian recipes in this collection. But perhaps start by browsing this collection of our best 30 curry recipes (link below) for everything from fish curries and pork curries to chicken curries, along with curried noodles and curried soups.

Please do let us know if you make any of our Mothers Day dinner ideas for your mum, as we’d love to know how they turn out for you.

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