Terms and Conditions

We’ll keep it simple. All information on this website was correct at the time of publication and is provided ‘as is’.

Places close, they change their phone number, the chef leaves, the place gets mentioned in Major Guide Book and loses what made it special in the first place. This happens all the time.

By all means let us know if a place has closed or just ain’t what is used to be and we’ll check it out!


All recipes on our website are tried and tested multiple times before publication by both Lara and Terence. Most of the time if one of us has written a recipe and tested it, the other will make it as per the recipe the other has written which helps with making sure our recipes work.

While all care has been taken to ensure accuracy with our recipes, we cannot take responsibility for the outcome of readers having unsatisfactory results using them as there are too many factors that can cause this. Having said that, our recipes are written for home and professional cooks who know their way around hot ovens, deep friers and carbon steel woks tossed over open flames.

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