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Tips for a Successful Dinner Party Away

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We’ve been doing a bit of entertaining the last few days at Lara’s uncle’s house in Bendigo culminating me cooking a five-course meal yesterday for some of our old friends. It got me thinking about ...

Ceret’s Scenic Saturday Markets

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Ceret’s scenic Saturday markets are one of the highlights of a visit to the village – people come from far and wide to browse them – and as last weekend was the first time the place ...

Classic Toulouse Cassoulet Recipe

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“That’s not from here, we make Catalan sausage! Catalan sausage is better!” exclaimed the butcher in Ceret when Lara asked for saucisse de Toulouse (Toulouse sausage), an ingredient of the classic Toulouse cassoulet recipe I was ...

Top 10 Languedoc-Roussillon Wines to Try and Buy

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Wherever we go on our grand tour we’re focusing on eating, drinking and buying local or regional products as much as possible, and that’s especially the case with wine. The Languedoc-Roussillon wines from the region ...

Ceret Take-Homes: Supermarket Souvenirs

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Ceret may be a popular destination for art tourists, hikers and long-term holidaymakers, but there are no souvenir shops (thankfully) and aside from picking up some art from one of the galleries and buying beautiful ...

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