I’ve compiled some last minute Mothers Day brunch recipes as I can see readers are still searching for Mothers Day brunch ideas. No matter what your idea of brunch – whether it’s a late breakfast, a fusion of breakfast and lunch, or a leisurely meal stretching from mid-morning to afternoon, we’ve got recipes for every kind of brunch for Mother’s Day.

If you liked our suggestions for Mother’s Day breakfast recipes, we’ve got loads of last minute Mother’s Day recipe ideas for brunch for you, too, if you’re planning on spoiling mum on Mother’s Day with a light breakfast in bed followed by a more generous and leisurely Mother’s Day brunch for mum and the whole family.

I’ve plucked our Mothers Day brunch recipes from our Weekend Eggs archive of breakfast dish recipes from around the world, which we learnt to cook in places on our travels or we’ve created inspired by places we’ve experienced and lived in, so if you don’t find something here that appeals, do dip into that archive.

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Mothers Day Brunch Recipes for Every Kind of Brunch – From that Meal Between Breakfast and Lunch to a Leisurely All Day Feast

Mothers Day brunch recipes – whether your idea of brunch is a late breakfast, a fusion of breakfast and lunch, or a leisurely meal stretching from mid-morning to late afternoon. Enjoy!

Classic Avocado Toast with Poached Eggs Recipe

This is my top pick of our Mothers Day brunch recipes if your mum is the kind of person who normally spends Sunday morning in a line waiting for a table at her favourite café.

I love cooking cafe-style breakfasts at home and you won’t find a more quintessential cafe breakfast than this classic smashed avocado toast recipe with poached eggs for an Australian café style breakfast.

The beauty of the café breakfast at home is that you don’t have to line up, you don’t have to wait for someone to take your order, you don’t have to wait for a cold breakfast as it’s been sitting at the pass for ten minutes while the kitchen cooked the other dishes, you don’t have to wait for your coffee, and you don’t have to wait for your bill.

Just add sourdough toast, homemade jams, a big bowl of beautiful fruit and yoghurt, freshly squeezed orange juice, and plenty of good coffee. You’ll probably never go out to a café again!

And if your mum isn’t a lover of the old avo toast, make her favourite café breakfast instead. Though be warned: mum could be booking a table at your place every weekend!

Slow Fried Egg Recipe with Creamy Dill Spread on Sourdough with Pickles, Radishes and Paprika

If you loved the flavours of my jammy eggs recipe, but you thought it wasn’t quite elegant enough for mum for Mother’s Day brunch, then make this slow fried egg recipe instead.

The dish of fried eggs on top of a creamy dill spread on sourdough toast with dill pickles, radishes and sweet paprika is inspired by my late grandfather’s daily breakfast – an egg, fresh crispy cucumbers and radishes picked from his veggie garden, homemade gherkins, and rye bread, all washed down with black tea with lemon – and a shot of vodka.

You might want to offer mum a glass of bubbly instead of a shot of vodka! Make sure to drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkle on some ground paprika, cracked pepper and sea salt. If your mum is not yet ready for bubbly, my mum and grandmother usually washed Russian-Ukrainian breakfasts down with black tea with lemon.

Crab Omelette Recipe

This crab omelette recipe makes one of our all-time favourite Weekend Eggs dishes and it’s a favourite with Grantourismo readers too, and is another of my picks from this collection of Mothers Day brunch recipes.

If you have time to do an early morning shop at the fish markets for some luxurious fresh crab meat, then this is the recipe to make mum today. This crab omelette is a little sweet, a little spicy, and very, very moreish.

Terence adapted this crab omelette recipe from Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook which used to be on our bookshelves in Sydney for many years.

A bottle of bubbly is the perfect accompaniment. You’re enjoying some fantastic produce with a special person, so why not make the whole meal special?

Savoury French Toast Recipe With Pan-Fried Cherry Tomatoes, Feta Cheese and Fresh Herbs

This is another of my picks of the Mothers Day brunch recipes, especially if you already made mum eggs for breakfast in bed.

This savoury French toast recipe makes classic French toast – fried bread that’s been soaked in a beaten egg and milk mixture – flavoured with garlic, onion, sea salt, pepper, and a little chilli, piled with pan-fried cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and fragrant dill.

Mothers Day or not, it’s a fabulous weekend breakfast, breakfast or lunch dish. If you haven’t had savoury French toast before – which our British friends call eggy bread – don’t be surprised if you become addicted.

It’s also fantastic with a salad on the side and if you’re turning it into a whole meal, you could serve some sweet French toast alongside it, with fresh fruit, stewed fruit piled on top with a dollop or two of sour cream, crème fraiche or whipped cream.

Russian French Toast Recipe for Grenki 

And if you are looking for a sweet French toast recipe, this Russian recipe makes grenki (Гренки) just like my mum and my Russian grandmother made.

It’s another one of my best Mothers Day brunch recipes and it’s fantastic if you’re putting on a whole spread as you can make it ahead and keep it warm in the oven.

The Russian take on French toast, grenki is easy to make, with just a handful of ingredients. Eaten for breakfast, brunch or dessert, you can serve grenki sweet, with sugar, honey, golden or maple syrup, sour cream, fruit jam or berries – or savoury with sausages, bacon and tomatoes or smoked salmon.


Perfect Mushrooms on Toast Recipe with Fragrant Herbs and Parmigiano Reggiano

This is another of my picks of the Mothers Day brunch recipe ideas if your mum has already had eggs for breakfast – or if she’s not necessarily an egg person.

If you have some beautiful mushrooms on hand, our perfect mushrooms on toast recipe makes the most delicious mushrooms sautéed with garlic and shallots in salted butter and olive oil, and finished with a dollop of sour cream (or cream!) and plenty of fresh aromatic herbs.

I adore fragrant dill but you could also use flat-leaf parsley, celery leaves or Italian basil or whatever your mum’s favourite herb is.

Pile it all onto toasted sourdough or any good quality just-baked bread and generously sprinkle on some grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. Easily another one of the best Mothers Day brunch recipes as far as I’m concerned.


Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms Recipe

If you like the idea of mushrooms on toast but you know mum is going to want eggs, then this creamy scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms on sourdough toast recipe is another of our best Mothers Day brunch recipes for you.

Whether you use shiitake, classic brown mushrooms, cremini, or portobello mushrooms, which are really just older cremini, smoky sautéed mushrooms atop perfectly moist scrambled eggs and crusty sourdough bread toasted on a griddle pan make for a very satisfying combination.

Of course, a little shaving of fresh black truffles would make this even more special. You can also serve a salad on the side to make more of a meal out of it.

If you’re going Italian and plan on grating some Parmigiano-Reggiano on top of those mushrooms, then why not make this panzanella recipe to serve at the centre of the table?

Thai Fried Egg Salad Recipe for Yam Khai Dao

This is one of my top picks of our Mothers Day brunch recipes if your mum loves travelling and hasn’t been able to get overseas during the pandemic, and is a lover of Southeast Asia, especially Thailand. This will transport mum to the streets of Bangkok.

Our Thai fried egg salad recipe for yam khai dao makes an addictive salad of crispy fried eggs with sweet tomatoes, purple shallots, crunchy peanuts, fragrant coriander and Chinese celery, chillies, and a salad dressing that’s all at once sweet, sour, tangy, and funky. 

When you think of fried eggs or egg salads, what probably comes to mind are creamy boiled egg salads with mayonnaise that have the texture of baby food. This Thai fried egg salad recipe for yam khai dao makes a salad that’s full of so much texture and flavour and a kick of chilli-heat that it couldn’t be more different.

Sweet juicy tomatoes, aromatic coriander, crunchiness coming from the purple shallots, roasted peanuts and Chinese celery stems, a hit of heat from the chillies, crispy fried eggs that soak up a salad dressing that’s sour, sweet, tangy, and funky.



Blini with Smoked Salmon, Dill and Sour Cream Recipe

If your idea of brunch is a spread of luxurious dishes that you can graze on with glasses of bubbly, then this is one of my best Mothers Day brunch recipes for you.

This Russian buckwheat pancakes recipe makes blini with smoked salmon, dill, sour cream, and a ‘caviar’ of gherkin and radish. These are cocktail size blini that are perfect for entertaining.

This style of blini is more like a pikelet than pancake and while I’m using a ‘caviar’ of gherkin and radish that’s inspired by the Russian dish, ikra, you can, of course serve these blini with proper caviar.

I ladle the batter directly into the fry pan or skillet, as I don’t mind if the pancakes look home-made and rustic, however, if you’re serving these for mum and want them to be perfect, you can do what Terence does and use silicon egg rings to create these perfectly round discs.

Russian Devilled Eggs Recipe

If your idea of brunch is a spread of luxurious dishes and platters of nibbles that you can graze on with glasses of bubbly all day then this is one of my top picks of our best Mothers Day brunch recipes.

My devilled eggs recipe will make you a Russian retro-classic which, like chicken Kiev and beef Stroganoff, spread like wildfire around the world back in the day, and it’s one of my family recipes.

See Terence’s guide to boiling eggs if you need help in that area. You could pipe the yolk mix into the egg white using a piping bag, but unless you dice your gherkins and purple shallots super-finely, which you should anyway, the mix will get stuck in the bag.

DIY Russian Mimosa Salad Recipe

This is another one for the grazing table or buffet and another one of my picks of our Mothers Day brunch recipes if you’re planning on lingering over a meal in the sun for the best part of the day.

My Russian mimosa salad recipe is presented a little differently to the layered salad recipe you might recall your parents or grandparents serving in a big glass bowl – almost like a savoury trifle – or as a kitschy salad cake in the 1970s.

While you could certainly serve this in a big glass with a spoon, I like to provide wooden bowls and an array of condiments and encourage guests to upend the glass of salad into the bowl and add condiments and adjust the seasoning to their liking.

It’s lots of fun and it’s fairly filling, so you might want to encourage mum and your other guests to save this for the last of the savoury brunch dishes.

Please do let us know if you make any of our Mothers Day brunch recipes for your mum, as we’d love to know how they turn out for you.

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