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10 Most Popular Recipes of August – Recipes Our Readers Cooked

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Our 10 most popular recipes of August 2023 included a salad, soups, a curry, and stews, from a a traditional lamb tagine with prunes and almonds we learnt to make in Morocco to deeply flavoured rabo de toro oxtail stew from Spain and a Cambodian banana flower salad with shredded chicken to a richly spiced Cape Malay chicken curry recipe from Cape Town.

Summer hadn’t even ended yet when our readers here in the northern hemisphere began searching for recipes for warming soups, hearty stews and spicy curries, while our visitors from the southern hemisphere were already searching for starters for entertaining, summer salads, and healthy vegetable sides.

After a hiatus of a few months, we decided we’re going to continue our series of the 10 most popular recipes of the month, in response to reader requests, your requests. Some of our long-term readers got in touch to say they were missing this series, along with our What to Cook series, so we’ve reinstated the series for now. I was missing it, too!

As regular visitors to Grantourismo know, I’ve long loved the end of one month and the start of the next when I sit down and review our stats to see what you searched for on the site and the recipes where you spent most of your time, which we hope were recipes you actually cooked, or at least bookmarked to cook. It helps me decide what to cook for you and share the next month.

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With any of those purchases, we earn a small commission but you won’t pay any extra. Now let me share our 10 most popular recipes of August 2023.

10 Most Popular Recipes of August 2023 – Recipes Our Readers Cooked

Here are our 10 most popular recipes of August – the recipes our readers searched for, spent the most time on, and cooked.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Prunes and Almonds Recipe from Marrakech

Terence learnt to make this traditional Moroccan lamb tagine with prunes and almonds recipe from Jamila, the lovely Moroccan cook in the kitchen of the riad we stayed in for two weeks in Marrakech, Morocco, way back in 2010 on the same yearlong trip on which he made the oxtail stew, above, and the tomato bredie, below.

It topped our list of the most popular recipes of August, which we always love to see one of our recipe posts do after 13 years! It’s also one of our favourite tagine recipes – although we do love this classic chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives.

A Moroccan tagine is essentially a slow-cooked stew made from meat, generally lamb or chicken, but can contain anything from duck to fish. It’s quintessential Moroccan comfort food. In the Moroccan Edition of Weekend Eggs Terence wrote about how there were many different versions of chakchouka. Well, that’s nothing compared to the variations of tagine in Morocco.

This Moroccan lamb tagine with prunes and almonds recipe is usually made in a tagine pot, a glazed clay base and a large conical lid that’s designed to guide the condensation from cooking back into the pot. You can also use a pressure cooker if you want, as it reduces the simmering time.

Note that you can buy the Ras el Hanout spice mix online if you can’t get all of the ingredients separately to make your own spice blend.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Prunes and Almonds Recipe from Marrakech


Rabo de Toro Oxtail Stew Recipe from Jerez

This recipe for a melt-in-your-mouth rabo de toro oxtail stew will warm you up tonight. It comes from Jerez in Southern Spain, where Terence first learnt to make the dish way back in 2010 on the year-round global grand tour that launched Grantourismo.

Topping our list of 10 most popular recipes of August 2023, it makes a classic slow-braised dish that needs a long cooking time, but it will reward you with rich, robust flavours. The recipe is inspired by the rabo de toro that we ate at Bar Juanito in Jerez.

Just like the Moroccan tagine Terence made in Essaouira, above, which was another of our most popular August recipes, this rabo de toro is not a dish you start thinking about making at 6.30pm and expect to serve the same night.

The dish requires hours of slow cooking so get to the butcher and put it on as soon as you get back. And if you love a good old-fashioned traditional beef stew, do check out this collection of our best stew recipes.

Rabo de Toro Oxtail Stew Recipe from Jerez in Southern Spain


Classic Banana Flower Salad Recipe

This recipe for a banana flower salad – also called a banana blossom salad – makes one of my most favourite salads here in Siem Reap, the Cambodian banana flower salad called gnoam trayong chek in Khmer, one of our best shredded chicken recipes, as well as one of our 10 most popular recipes of August.

It’s super easy, you just need to work fast so your banana flower doesn’t brown. It’s a fragrant and crunchy salad that is all about the texture and aromas. This salad falls into the category of ‘gnoam’ salads here in Cambodia. A gnoam, which you’ll also spot spelt as nhoam, is a fresh salad that’s prepared with cooked ingredients, such as poached chicken in this case.

The other sort of salad you’ll come across here in Cambodia is called a p’lear, which features raw ingredients, such as raw fish that’s ‘cooked’ in a citrus-based dressing, like a ceviche is, or with raw beef, served like an Italian carpaccio.

Classic Banana Flower Salad Recipe for Cambodia’s Gnoam Trayong Chek


Russian Devilled Eggs Recipe for a Zakuski Table

My Russian devilled eggs recipe makes very moreish Russian stuffed eggs with a creamy filling of the yolks of hard-boiled eggs mashed with mayonnaise, mustard, paprika, dill pickles, purple shallots, and perfumed dill, and it was another of our 10 most popular recipes of August 2023.

A Russian retro-classic which, like chicken Kiev and beef Stroganoff, spread like wildfire around the world, devilled eggs featured on formica trays of hors d’oeuvres at every swinging soirée from Sydney to San Francisco in the 1960s and 1970s.

My groovy mum in her maxi-skirt and pig-tails offered Russian devilled eggs as finger food before weekend barbecues and dinner parties. My Russian-Ukrainian grandmother preferred to serve whole boiled eggs alongside a jar of Russian caviar, which wasn’t considered the luxury then that it is now. Caviar was just something we ate with eggs – washed down with vodka, of course.

I originally shared this devilled eggs recipe as part of our Weekend Eggs recipe series for quintessential egg breakfast and brunch dishes from around the world, which we launched with Grantourismo over a decade ago. They make a great addition to a leisurely Sunday brunch table.

Russian Devilled Eggs Recipe for a Zakuski Table Fit for a Russian Emperor


Cape Malay Chicken Curry Recipe for a Richly Spiced Cape Town Curry

This Cape Malay chicken curry recipe makes a richly spiced curry from Cape Town, South Africa, that’s typically eaten with aromatic Cape Malay yellow rice, buttery roti, and simple tomato, onion and cucumber sambals. It was another one of our 10 most popular recipes of August 2023.

It’s inspired by the aromatic chicken curry we learnt to make in a Cape Malay cooking class in colourful Bo-Kaap, the heart of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town, many years ago, which is easily one of the world’s best cooking classes.

This gently spiced curry is a cousin of the tomato bredie, a classic Cape Town stew. They’re dishes that here in Southeast Asia we would describe as ‘same same but different’, sharing a lot of similar spices.

It’s an incredibly delicious curry that you’ll be sorry to finish. Make a big batch if you’re a curry lover; it tastes even better as leftovers the next day.

Cape Malay Chicken Curry Recipe for a Richly Spiced Curry from Cape Town, South Africa


Roasted Broccoli Recipe with Zucchini, Green Beans and Sesame Seeds

This quick and easy roast broccoli recipe makes a delicious and healthy vegetable side dish that cooks in no time. Roasted broccoli, zucchini and green beans sprinkled with sesame seeds are quickly roasted on high heat in seasoned extra virgin olive oil, and piled onto a creamy butter bean spread. It’s a brilliant side to roast chicken or grilled fish.

Admittedly, it’s a bit of an East-West fusion, as so many of my dishes are, having grown up in multicultural Australia and lived in Asia and the Middle East for a couple of decades. If that’s too much of a stretch for you, then use sesame oil instead of olive oil (try Japanese sesame oil), and sprinkle on some shichimi togarashi Japanese seven spice (we like S&B brand) and furikake seasoning.

If you want to head West, use ground paprika instead of chilli flakes, skip the sesame seeds, and sprinkle with crispy bacon, toasted breadcrumbs or homemade croutons, and grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

We love to serve this with succulent braised chicken with olives and capers and sides of roasted cauliflower on hummus with crispy chickpeas and pickled shallots, either Hassleback potatoes or creamy mashed potatoes, and a salad, such as this radish cucumber salad with feta, rucola and fresh herbs. If you’re a lover of broccoli, try my broccoli soup with cheddar, potato, crispy bacon and crunchy croutons.

Roasted Broccoli Recipe with Zucchini, Green Beans and Sesame Seeds


Creamy Cauliflower Cabbage Potato Soup Recipe

Our easy cauliflower cabbage potato soup recipe makes a creamy vegetable soup that’s incredibly rich and comforting and it was another of our most popular recipes of August.

You could enjoyably slurp it as is on a chilly autumn or fall evening, dunking toast into the silky broth, or add texture and make it a bit fancy by sprinkling crushed croutons, fresh fragrant dill sprigs, and cracked black pepper on top.

One of our best potato soup recipes, this creamy cauliflower cabbage potato soup recipe will make you a comforting vegetable soup textured with homemade croutons that tastes so rich and creamy you’d think there was cream in it (there isn’t!) and while you could happily tuck into a bowl on the sofa in your PJs (which is what I’m doing tonight), you could also make it a bit fancy.

In fact, my inspiration for this cauliflower cabbage potato soup recipe was partly a heavenly, velvety cauliflower soup that Terence used to make for dinner parties years ago when we lived in the UAE. We frequently had friends over for multi-course tasting menus Terence prepared that rivalled any Michelin-starred European restaurant.

Cauliflower Cabbage Potato Soup Recipe for a Comforting Creamy Vegetable Soup


Russian Beef Stew Recipe for Solyanka

I’ve been craving this traditional Russian beef stew recipe for solyanka, which makes a delicious hearty stew or heavy soup that’s a little sour, a little sweet, and was a whole lot saltier back in its day, so this is what I’m making for dinner on Sunday night.

I’m missing my Russian-Ukrainian family and the boisterous Sunday dinners around my grandparents dining table, so I’m going to cook up something of a mini-feast of the kind my grandmother used to make this Sunday.

I’ll make a Russian garden salad, maybe some stuffed cabbage rolls, and definitely this beetroot potato salad. I might even make a batch of piroshki, as we have to do the long drive to Phnom Penh in a few days, so we can take some to eat on the way.

If you’re not nostalgic for Sunday family meals from the Seventies and there’s just the two of you, you could easily serve this with mash potatoes and a green salad – rice works too; as does pasta – and you’ll probably have leftovers for the next night, which you can also freeze.

Traditional Russian Beef Stew Recipe for Solyanka, a Medieval Dish for Modern Times


Comforting Chicken Barley Soup Recipe

Lastly, this easy chicken barley soup recipe for a hearty savoury porridge that thickens as the barley expands was another of our most popular recipes of August. This warming one-bowl meal was created to use up leftover rotisserie chicken but you could always use shredded poach chicken breasts.

You’ll love this chicken barley soup if you cooked and enjoyed my vegetable barley soup recipe. It’s what we call ‘same same but different’ here in Southeast Asia. Along with that vegetarian barley soup, Southeast Asian rice porridges and rice soups were partly my inspiration for this recipe.

Another motivation was the fact that we had leftover rotisserie chicken and I wanted to use whole chicken pieces rather than shredded chicken. (We have more leftover rotisserie chicken recipes here.) We always have poached chicken breasts in the fridge; we use the poaching liquid as a light stock and pull the chicken apart to use in shredded chicken salads.

If you enjoy hearty soups and savoury porridges, do browse our compilations of soup recipes. We have collections of chicken soups, noodle soups, chicken noodle soups, fish soups, warming winter soups, and cold summer soups.

Comforting Chicken Barley Soup Recipe That Evolves Into a Hearty Savoury Porridge


Tomato Bredie Recipe for a Classic Cape Town Stew

Next on the list of 10 most popular recipes of August 2023 was this tomato bredie recipe, which makes a classic Cape Town stew. A bredie, which is an Afrikaans word meaning ‘stew’, is a slow-cooked mutton and tomato stew, and it’s as Cape Town as Table Mountain.

The variety of bredies and amount of spices used have an infinite variety of permeations. This is Terence’s version, cooked during our two weeks in Cape Town back in 2010, on that same trip that launched Grantourismo, which I mentioned above. I have to say that it’s heart-warming to know that so many recipes from that trip are still so popular.

After sampling the dish in Cape Town restaurants during our stay, and making it in our kitchen several times, Terence found the sweet spot with this recipe, a good mix of lamb pieces cooked for at least a couple of hours, a good rest overnight before reheating, and then add the potatoes.

Garnish with fragrant coriander and serve this tomato bredie recipe with some aromatic rice, and roti if possible, and a good South African Shiraz or some ice cold beer.

Tomato Bredie Recipe for a Classic Cape Town Stew from South Africa


Please let us know in the comments below if you make any of the recipes in this round-up of our most popular recipes of August 2023 as we’d love to hear how they turn out for you.


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