Our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021 on Grantourismo were a mix of new dishes including seasonal favourites – from warming winter dishes for our readers in the Southern Hemisphere to cold summer soups for our Northern Hemisphere visitors – however, this month we changed the rules when it came to our selection.

I know, I know, we’re only the second month into this monthly new series on our most popular recipes on Grantourismo, and we’re already fooling with the format – or rather the selection criteria. If you’re seeing this series for the first time, last month we decided that as our annual Christmas-New Year lists of top recipes was so popular, we’d publish a monthly round-up.

Some of our most popular recipes were published a whopping ten years ago for a series called The Dish, in which we shared recipes for the quintessential dishes of each of the places we settled into for two weeks at a time on the yearlong global grand tour that launched Grantourismo. They include everything from a classic Cape Town stew called tomato bredie to a cote de boeuf recipe which came courtesy of French chef Pierre Gagnaire when we met him in Paris.

As many of these recipes remain in our top ten recipes month after month, rather than risk the list becoming repetitive, we decided to exclude recipes that were on the previous month’s top ten list going forward. But before I reveal our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021, I have a favour to ask.

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Most Popular Recipes of June 2021 – Here’s What Our Readers Have Been Cooking

Here’s what our readers have been cooking this month – our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021.


This Sriracha Sauce Recipe Makes the Best Homemade Thai Sriracha Sauce You’ll Taste

This authentic homemade Sriracha sauce recipe topped the list of our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021. This Thai Sriracha recipe makes the real deal – the Thai hot sauce that tastes just like it does in its place of origin, the coastal city of Sri Racha on Thailand’s eastern seaboard. This spicy sauce is far simpler to make than you might imagine and you can tailor it to suit your own taste. With so few ingredients, it’s the quality of the chillies that make this authentic homemade Sriracha sauce recipe so special. Using Thai chillies from Thailand or a similar variety – but not the chillies used in the world-famous American ‘rooster’ hot sauce – is your key to an authentic Thai Sriracha sauce. 

Homemade Condiments You May Never Buy From a Supermarket Again After Making These at Home

This compilation of homemade condiments was another of our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021. These homemade condiments are so delicious that once you make them at home you may never want to buy a bottled commercial sauce brand from a supermarket again. They include everything from Thai sweet chilli sauce to tonkatsu sauce. Making these has been a very satisfying diversion during the pandemic here in Cambodia’s Siem Reap. What our pandemic cooking experiments have confirmed is that homemade condiments not only taste better than supermarket brands but they are more affordable and healthier, as we know exactly what we’re putting in them and it’s all good.

Spicy Sichuan Inspired Sourdough Crackers Recipe Made With Starter Discard and Sichuan Peppers

Last year, while we were staying at home quarantine cooking and working our way through a long list of cooking projects, we published a whole series of sourdough starter discard recipes. This spicy Sichuan sourdough crackers recipe takes one of those, our popular sourdough starter discard crackers recipe, to another level – of heat! This spicy Sichuan sourdough crackers recipe made with sourdough starter discard and Sichuan peppers makes a cracker that’s delightfully hot and numbing and incredibly moreish. It was another one of our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021. Roughly shaped like a homemade corn chip, these crackers are perfect for eggplant dips such as mutabal and baba ghanouj, as well as hummus and muhammara, however, Terence created a delicious eggplant dip recipe inspired by the classic Sichuan braised fish-fragrant eggplant dish to go with these crackers.

Summery Greek Salad Bruschetta with Olive Sourdough Bread for a Slice of the Mediterranean

This Greek salad bruschetta made with olive sourdough bread takes us back to languid lunches eaten barefoot at a beachside taverna where a Greek salad was always the first dish ordered. Pile the classic salad ingredients atop toasted slices of homemade olive sourdough, heady with the aromas of olive oil, Kalamata olives and herbs, and you’ve got a snack you’ll want to eat in the sun after a swim. As soon as Terence pulled his first loaf of olive sourdough bread with rosemary, thyme and sweet red capsicum out of the oven, he said he wanted to take a slice and throw some feta cheese on it. It already had the aromas of a ‘Greek salad’, what the Greeks call a horiátiki or village salad, served from spring through to the end of summer when the ingredients are at their best. This was another of our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021.

Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms on Sourdough Toast Recipe for Your Weekend Eggs

Our recipe for scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms on sourdough toast is the latest post in our decade-old series of Weekend Eggs dishes from around the world, however, it has quickly become another of our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021. Ideal for a late weekend breakfast cum lazy brunch dish, these smoky sautéed mushrooms atop perfectly moist scrambled eggs and crusty sourdough make for a very satisfying combination. If you haven’t dropped by in a while, recipes posted so far in our revived eggs series include soft scrambled eggs with Chinese pork and chives, Indian egg bhurji, Chinese marbled tea eggs, corn fritter breakfast burgers, Russian devilled eggs, Turkish çılbır and menemen, Calabria’s  ‘eggs in purgatory’ with ’nduja, the Thai omelette kai jiaw and son-in-law eggs, and Malaysia and Singapore’s half-boiled eggs with kaya jam and toast.

Our Best Cold Summer Soup Recipes Will Keep You Cool As A Cucumber All Summer Long

This compilation of our best cold soup recipes to keep you cool all summer was another of our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021. A chilled summer soup is brilliant on a scorching day and we’ve got everything in this soup round-up from a traditional chilled gazpacho recipe from Southern Spain and a mango gazpacho we first sampled on Mallorca to cold Russian soups such as okroshka, made with kefir, to a Cambodian ‘outside the pot’ soup, prepared in the bowl. Chilled soups are the absolute best in summer, especially when teamed with a light summer salad. Cold soups are usually a cinch to make, too, and who doesn’t love easy meals on hot evenings?

Cambodian Pork Meatballs Recipe for Wraps, Rolls, Soups, Salads and Sandwiches

Another one of our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021, this just-published Cambodian pork meatballs recipe makes a juicy little meatball that’s flavourful and fragrant from some of the quintessential Cambodian ingredients used in a Khmer kroeung or herb and spice paste: shallots, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime. While equally delicious, it makes quite a different meatball to the grilled pork meatballs recipe we published last year. Both are perfect for wraps and rolls, soups, salads, and sandwiches, in the form of num pang, a baguette that is Cambodia’s version of Vietnamese banh mi. You can add them to the Cambodian rice porridge, borbor, or noodle soups such as Cambodia’s kuy teav.

These Spicy Thai Recipes Will Keep You Cool in Summer and Warm In Winter

This collection of spicy Thai recipes that will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter was another of our 10 most popular recipe posts of June 2021. This compilation of Thai food recipes includes everything from recipes for Thailand’s famous fiery relishes to a rich khao soi gai recipe for the creamy Chiang Mai curry noodle chicken soup and recipes for some of Thailand’s spiciest curries. While many of us enjoy eating spicy food in winter as it warms us up, as all hearty soups and good stews do, Southeast Asians love to eat spicy food when the weather is warm because the spice makes you sweat and perspiring keeps you cool. These spicy Thai recipes are guaranteed to keep you cool in summer if you’re in the northern hemisphere and warm in winter if you’re in the south.

Thai Miang Kham Recipe for The Bite Sized Wraps That Are Thailand in a Mouthful

This Thai miang kham recipe makes the bite-sized wraps that are Thailand in a mouthful, an explosion of quintessential Southeast Asian flavours – sour lime, zingy ginger, crunchy peanuts, crispy shallots, smoky roasted coconut, savoury dried prawns, a kick of chilli, and a sweet yet funky caramelised sauce – wrapped in a wild piper or wild betel leaf. Our easy recipe will make you the miang kham you can buy from a vendor at a local market, pre-packaged from a gourmet supermarket, or as an appetiser at a casual Thai restaurant. It won’t make the luxurious takes on miang kham topped with sweet lobster, salmon roe that bursts in your mouth, or even velvety foie gras, which you’ll find at fancy fine dining restaurants in Bangkok. Yet it was at a fancy Thai fine diner, David Thompson’s Darley Street Thai in Australia that we first sampled miang kham in the 1990s. This recipe is part of a random series on the dishes that inspired us eating out in Australia as young ‘foodies’. So far the series has included Terence’s take on Christine Manfield’s famous ‘eggplant sandwich’.

Best Korean Instant Ramen Noodles Recipe for Jazzing Up Nongshim Shin Ramyun

We published Terence’s best Korean instant ramen noodles recipe for jazzing up Nongshim Shin Ramyun last year when we first started staying at home and were eating a lot of instant ramen. These are the best instant ramen noodles as far as Terence is concerned. He likes the spicy soup seasoning of Nongshim’s Shin Ramyun, especially the Shin Black Noodle Soup, so what he does is add melt-in-your-mouth slices of char siu pork, crisp Chinese greens, blanched bean sprouts, a boiled egg, deep-fried shallots, and his heady homemade chilli oil. If you like Terence’s post, see my best instant ramen recipe and secret formula for upgrading instant ramen noodles. And if you’re not a fan of instant ramen, see this round-up of our favourite Southeast Asian noodle recipes.

If you’ve made any of our 10 most popular recipes of June 2021 please leave a comment below as we’d love to know how they turned out for you.

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