Our best meat pie and sausage roll recipes inspired by Southeast Asian dishes, particularly Cambodian dishes, include everything from a curried chicken pie based on the Cambodian chicken curry to sausage rolls with eggplant and pork inspired by the classic char-grilled eggplant and minced pork. We’ll soon be adding recipes for meat pies and sausage rolls inspired by Thai and Vietnamese dishes.

If there’s one positive to come from the pandemic cooking we’ve all been doing during lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, it’s that it’s forced us all to get more creative in the kitchen. If there’s one positive to come from this, we reckon we are all going to be better cooks from this experience.

This series on our best meat pie and sausage roll recipes inspired by Southeast Asian dishes is one outcome from staying at home here in Siem Reap in recent months – one of our many cooking projects that have kept us calm and focused while we’ve been quarantine cooking here in Cambodia – and it’s a result of us getting homesick for Australia and Australian food.

The recipes are inspired as much by the iconic meat pies and sausage rolls of Australia and the ingredients and dishes of our adopted home Cambodia of the last seven years, where we’ve been researching the cuisine for our epic Cambodian cookbook and culinary history, which we’re always looking for patrons to support on Patreon.

Meat Pies and Sausage Roll Recipes Inspired by Southeast Asian Dishes

These are our best meat pies and sausage roll recipes inspired by Southeast Asian dishes, particularly Cambodian dishes, however, we’ll soon be adding recipes for meat pies and sausage rolls inspired by Thai and Vietnamese dishes, so do check back here every now and again.

Curry Beef Pie Recipe Made With Cambodian Saraman Curry

This curry beef pie recipe made with Cambodian Saraman curry is the best of our best meat pies and sausage roll recipes inspired by Southeast Asian dishes as far as I’m concerned. It also happened to be the pie that inspired this series. The Cambodian Saraman curry is the richest and most complex of Cambodian curries and one of the few that uses beef as the base protein in a country that loves its pork, chicken, fish, and seafood. The reason for that is that the Saraman curry is a Cambodian Muslim dish, which was traditionally made with goat. While many Cambodian curries have quite ‘loose’ and thin sauces, the best Saraman curries are akin to a great Thai Massaman curry or even a Beef Rendang, where the meat has been cooked for so long that it has absorbed most of the sauce and is packed with flavour.


Curried Beef Sausage Rolls Recipe Made With Cambodian Saraman Curry

If you’re a sausage roll fan and a spice lover, you are going to love this Saraman curry beef sausage rolls recipe. This homemade curried beef sausage roll is made with Cambodian Saraman curry and the puff pastry of a normal sausage roll, but instead of the traditional sausage roll spices, I’ve used Cambodian Saraman curry paste to flavour the beef. To get the authentic flavour of the Cambodian Saraman curry we add ingredients that are normally added to the curry while cooking the paste itself. Remember that unlike a meat pie where the filling is cooked out for a long time before being encased in pastry, a sausage roll filling is cooked in the oven after it has been wrapped in the puff pastry. To the curry paste we add roasted unsalted peanuts and combine it in a mortar and pestle before adding it to the raw beef mince. Then we stir in coconut cream, palm sugar, and some fish sauce for seasoning.


Homemade Chicken Curry Pie Recipe Made with Cambodian Chicken Curry

This chicken curry pie recipe uses the classic Cambodian chicken curry to make a flavourful spicy chicken pie. This is the best of our best meat pies and sausage roll recipes inspired by Southeast Asian dishes as far as Lara is concerned. Unlike the classic curried chicken pie which uses curry powder to flavour the chicken filling, this recipe uses a classic Cambodian red curry paste. The classic Cambodian chicken curry has potatoes, long beans and Asian eggplants, which we’ve included to create a really hearty chicken pie. For my homemade chicken curry pie recipe, I do exactly what I do if I’m making a Cambodian chicken curry and I use coconut milk and chicken stock, which is cooked until the sauce is reduced until it’s very thick. I make a big batch of the chicken curry and save some so I can make this homemade chicken curry pie recipe the next day, setting aside a couple of intact chicken thighs for the delicious filling.


Pepper Steak Pie Recipe for a Cambodian Beef Lok Lak Meat Pie

This pepper steak pie recipe makes a Cambodian beef lok lak meat pie that is inspired by one of Cambodia’s most popular street food-style dishes, served at local eateries around the country. Typically eaten for lunch, but also acceptable for dinner or breakfast, when a fried egg on top of the stir-fried beef is compulsory, lok lak is one of those dishes that is as popular with foreigners as locals. A dish of Cambodian-Chinese origin, it’s a cousin to Vietnam’s loc lac or ‘shaking beef’, whose history is much-debated. This pepper steak pie recipe is authentic in essence, making a very traditional Cambodian beef lok lak that’s been tweaked to serve as a hearty meat pie filling. While you can use any pepper you can get your hands on during these challenging times, we highly recommend you use Cambodia’s excellent Kampot Pepper, available online on Amazon if you can’t source it locally.

Spicy Pork Mince Pie Recipe Made with Cambodian Prahok Ktis

Our spicy pork mince pie recipe made with Cambodian prahok k’tis is a marriage of Australian and Cambodian food made in heaven – an iconic Australian meat pie filled with Cambodia’s deliciously spicy dip of minced pork, coconut cream, pea eggplants, prahok (fermented fish paste), and yellow kroeung (a kroeung is a Cambodian herb and spice paste). The dip is eaten with a combination of crunchy raw vegetables and blanched or steamed vegetables. If you’re not a fan of fish sauce or shrimp paste, you might want to leave the prahok out. If you do want to try the prahok, head to your nearest Asian market, supermarket or grocery store or the nearest Cambodian neighbourhood in your city. If you’re using this ingredient for the first time, perhaps reduce the amount of prahok. If you love curried meat pies, you are going to love our spicy minced pork pie.


Homemade Sausage Rolls Recipe with Smoky Eggplant and Pork

This eggplant and pork sausage roll recipe makes another delicious Cambodian-inspired sausage roll that takes its inspiration from a classic Cambodian dish of char-grilled eggplant and minced pork called chha trob for short in Khmer. It consists of char-grilled eggplant with a wonderful smoky flavour and minced pork that’s been stir-fried with fermented soybeans. I recently posted a recipe for the dish as part of my series on Cambodian barbecue recipes. It’s a little funky, a little salty, and a little sweet. Combining the eggplant with the sausage roll pork mince mixture makes a fantastic filling for a sausage roll. The original Cambodian dish is typically found on the menu of a Cambodian restaurant serving traditional food or eaten as one of an array of dishes as part of a meal at home. It’s one dish we always ordered at The Sugar Palm, one of the best Cambodian restaurants in Siem Reap.


And here’s our homemade traditional Aussie sausage rolls adapted from a recipe by our friend Jane Lawson from her wonderful nostalgic cookbook Milkbar Memories.

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