Our best pickles recipes include a range of homemade pickles, everything from our Russian dill pickles recipe based on my baboushka’s gherkins or pickled cucumbers to our Mexican pickled jalapenos recipe. They’re refrigerator pickles or quick pickles, which are faster to prepare, and while they won’t last as long and must be kept in the fridge, they’re still incredibly delicious.

Our best pickles recipes include a combination of family recipes – the pickles that my Russian grandparents used to make at home with the harvest from their own vegetable garden – and recipes for pickles inspired by the pickles we’ve eaten and loved around the world, everywhere from Mexico to the Middle East.

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Best Pickles Recipes for Quick and Easy Yet Delicious Refrigerator Pickles or Quick Pickles

Just a few quick tips to making our best pickles recipes. My Russian grandparents used to stuffed their cucumbers into enormous pickling jars that I swear were bigger than me. They were feeding a family, however, but there’s only two of us, so we opt for small pickling jars, filling them with no more than we’d eat or snack on over a few meals.

We mostly use these vintage mason jars and clip-top Kilner jars for refrigerator pickles, but, of course, we also recycle jars for pickling, thoroughly sterilising them first. I love to make a mix of pickles in different sized jars so we can gift some jars and keep others for our own use. 

When it comes to vinegar, I like to use a distilled white vinegar for these pickles, as it lends a purity to the flavour, so that you can use your pickles with anything from Mexican to Moroccan food. Some picklers prefer to use cider vinegar which I don’t mind using for Mexican pickles and European pickles. You can also experiment with a combination of the two.

We strongly suggest using the coarsely granulated sea salt but you can also use Kosher salt. Don’t use fine grained table salt or iodised salt as this usually contains potassium iodide, dextrose and chemicals, such as calcium silicate and sodium silicoaluminate. These will give you a cloudy brine and that ‘muddy’ look, while the potassium iodide will also cause your pickles to darken.

Best Pickles Recipes for Quick and Easy Yet Delicious Refrigerator Pickles or Quick Pickles

Russian Dill Pickles Recipe

My Russian dill pickles recipe is one of our best pickles recipes. It makes homemade gherkins or pickled cucumbers just like my Russian grandparents made. My papa and baboushka used the water bath canning method but my recipe is for easy refrigerator pickles but they’re still delicious. Baba served dill pickles with every meal, with dishes of gherkins accompanying her crock pots of pelmeni and vareniki; piroshki kept warm under tea-towels; casserole dishes of stuffed cabbage rolls; and  plates of juicy Russian kotleti. I include pickles in Russian devilled eggs, potato salad (AKA Olivier salad or ensalada Rusa), traditional Russian beef stew, the Russian barley and pickle soup rassolnik, I sprinkle them on blini with smoked salmon, sour cream and dill and buckwheat kasha, and I add a layer of pickled cucumbers to my mini mimosa salads. You can also serve gherkins with beer battered fish and chips, in homemade tartare sauce, on an array of burgers, and with Southern style fried chicken.



Mexican Pickled Jalapenos Recipe

This homemade pickled jalapenos recipe makes another of our best pickles recipes for quick and easy refrigerator pickles that are fantastic served as a side or topped on Mexican dishes such as tacos and enchiladas and Tex-Mex favourites such as nachos and burritos. They take ten minutes to make and are far more affordable and more delicious than a jar of store-bought jalapeños. You can use these homemade pickled jalapeños in exactly the same way you would a store-bought jar, sprinkling them on top of any number of Mexican breakfast dishes, on tacos, tortillas, nachos, and chilli con carne, serve them as sides to tostadas, or lay them on the fillings of enchiladas and burritos. You can also use them in burgers and sandwiches. While you should try to make your homemade pickled jalapeños with fresh jalapeño chilli peppers if you can, we can’t get fresh jalapeños here so for now we’re using another local green chilli pepper that looks more like an unripe serrano pepper, but after pickling for a week it tastes very much like pickled jalapeños.

Quick Pickled Vegetables Recipe for Mexican Escabeche

This quick pickled vegetables recipe makes another of our best pickles recipes for homemade vegetable pickles or Mexican escabeche. These crunchy pickles are in the style of the tangy Mexican pickles typically served at restaurants and taquerias in Mexico. They’re not only delicious, they’re versatile, so you can adjust the pickle brine to your taste, softening the tang or giving them more bite. If you’ve spent any time in Mexico, you will definitely remember tangy vegetable pickles. They’re usually served in a small dish that waiters set down on the table when they leave your menus or take your order. If you’re at a fonda or restaurant, they might come with salsa and tortilla cheaps or bread – at a fancy restaurant there might be a whole tray of different pickles, salsas and perhaps some guacamole – while at a more simple taqueria, you’ll get a dish of pickles when you order your cervezas.


Pickled Onions Recipe

Our easy Mexican quick pickled onions recipe makes yet another of our best pickles recipes for zingy refrigerator pickle in the style of Mexico’s Yucatan pink onion pickles. It’s a perfect condiment, garnish or side for any number of dishes, not only Mexican dishes, but they’re fantastic with Mexican tacos, tostadas, tortas, or chilli con carne. They’re also very versatile. You can make these pickles with red onions or purple shallots and adapt the seasoning to your taste. If you’ve made any of our Mexican breakfast recipes over the years, you would have noticed that we often use pink shallots or red onions, fresh or pickled. When they’re pickled, we’re using our easy Mexican quick pickled onions recipe to make these zingy refrigerator pickles, which are in the style of Mexico’s pink Yucatan onion pickles.


Pickled Red Cabbage Recipe

Our Mexican quick pickled red cabbage recipe makes col roja en escabeche, col lombarda en escabeche or col morada en escabeche, all of which mean red cabbage or purple cabbage in escabeche. ‘Col’ is cabbage and ‘escabeche’ refers to the process of ‘cooking’ in an acidic marinade of vinegar and water to which salt, pepper, maybe sugar, and perhaps herbs and spices, such as bay leaves and oregano are added. This easy quick pickled red cabbage recipe makes another of our best pickles recipes for piquant purple pickles to pep up any meal. These delightfully zesty refrigerator pickles are the perfect topping for tacos, a bright filling for burgers or a tangy accompaniment to toasted sandwiches. Whether you use this red cabbage quick pickle as a side, garnish or condiment, it’s very versatile and you can easily adapt the flavour to your palate.


Please do let us know in the comments below if you make any of our best pickles recipes, as we’d love to know how they turn out for you. We’d also appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a rating.

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