Our 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo include recipes for everything from a Vietnamese crab omelette recipe and a Balinese style burbur ayam with omelette to an egg foo young recipe for the original Cantonese eggs and a half-boiled eggs recipe for classic kopitiam style eggs from Singapore and Malaysia.

A few days ago we kicked off Grantourismo’s 12th birthday celebrations with the first in a series of collections of our 12 most popular all-time posts of the last twelve years in a number of categories, starting with our 12 most popular recipes of 12 years in the life of Grantourismo. 

Today we’re sharing our 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes of the last 12 years from our series on breakfast egg dishes from around the world. These are the most searched-for, most-visited, and – we like to think – the most-cooked recipes in the dozen years since we launched Grantourismo with a yearlong global grand tour aimed at promoting slow, local and experiential travel.

These breakfast eggs recipes – and brunch recipes, and all-day eggs recipes – are recipes we’ve collected on our travels, both ‘authentic’ and traditional egg recipes from places we settled into, as well as breakfast egg recipes we created in places, inspired by local ingredients, in the absence of local egg dishes.

I’ve excluded one of our top eggs posts from the list below, as it’s not really a recipe as such, and is more of a guide to cooking eggs. That’s Terence’s excellent guide to how to boil eggs perfectly every time for perfect soft boiled and hard boiled eggs, which is one of our top posts on Grantourismo.

A heads-up: Weekend Eggs is taking a break until 15 January 2022, although we’re still sharing plenty of breakfast ideas. If you missed them, check out the collections of our 21 Best Breakfast Recipes of 2021 and our best Christmas Breakfast Recipes.

If you’re visiting for the first time, we launched Weekend Eggs back in 2010 when we launched Grantourismo and spent a year travelling the world, settling in to places for two weeks at a time, staying in apartment rentals and holiday homes to get an insight into how locals lived their lives. Food was an integral part of that experience.

In each place we settled into, we explored the local food, connected with local cooks and chefs, and learnt to cook dishes from locals, two of which we shared in a series called The Dish, for which Terence learnt to cook a quintessential dish of each place, and the series Weekend Eggs, which we rebooted last year.

As the most popular posts on Grantourismo are recipes and food posts, we thought we’d kick off the celebrations with two recipe collections, the all-time 12 most popular recipes on the site, and our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes, but before I tell you about those, we have a favour to ask.

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Our 12 Most Popular Weekend Eggs Recipes in 12 Years of Grantourismo – Your All-Time Top 12 Breakfast Eggs Recipes

These are our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo, the recipes that were most searched-for and most-visited, and – we like to think – the recipes that you most cooked.

Crab Omelette Recipe for a Very Decadent Southeast Asian Weekend Eggs Dish

This crab omelette recipe makes for a decadent weekend eggs dish that’s perfect if you’re just back from an early morning shop at the fish markets, armed with luxurious fresh crab meat. This crab omelette is a little sweet, a little spicy, and very, very moreish. This was another recipe that we made not long after settling into Siem Reap, and it was one of our first recipes for Weekend Eggs, the Asian Edition, which Terence published for a while, and it tops the list of our 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of the site. Terence did not learn this recipe here but adapted a Vietnamese inspired crab omelette recipe from Charmaine Solomon’s The Complete Asian Cookbook which used to be on my bookshelves in Sydney for many years and saw a lot of use — it’s a classic in the Australian-Asian kitchen. There are many different Southeast Asian crab omelette recipes and this crab omelette recipe of Sri Lankan-born cookbook author Solomon’s is the best method for making a crab omelette as far as we’re concerned.


Bubur Ayam Recipe for Indonesian Congee with Chicken and Shredded Omelette

This authentic bubur ayam recipe makes the traditional Indonesian congee with chicken and shredded omelette that is a classic local breakfast, a Balinese version of the region-wide congee or rice porridge dishes with which Asian food lovers will be familiar. Terence learnt to make this bubur ayam recipe cooking with Desak, the chef at our villa rental in Bali, Indonesia, on that 2010 grand tour of the world, and it is next on the list of our 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of the site. It was a reminder that one of the things we are certainly not missing that year was the hotel breakfast. Congee remains one of our favourite breakfasts, and we’ve added a lot of congee recipes in the eleven years since that trip. If you enjoy this, you should also like our basa gede Balinese sauce recipe and Balinese-style saté and ayam betutu recipe for a steamed chicken dish wrapped in banana leaf that is made with the basa gede. Both come courtesy of cooking lessons with the lovely Desak in Bali that first year that we launched Grantourismo.

Half Boiled Eggs Recipe for Classic Kopitiam Eggs to Go With Your Kaya Toast

This half-boiled eggs recipe makes the classic kopitiam eggs tailor-made for having with kaya toast in a Singaporean or Malaysian kopitiam (coffee shop) and it was another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo. The just-set, still-runny yolks and milky whites are perfect for dipping toast ‘soldiers’ into. The secret is getting perfectly soft eggs every time. Terence’s technique is flawless for achieving the perfect soft boiled eggs every time (link to his guide above). Plenty of dark soy and white pepper were sprinkled over countless eggs as Terence tested endless variations of the cooking methods traditionally used to make these eggs. The best bit about Terence’s half-boiled eggs recipe is that they require very little attention. If you start these eggs on a timer, by the time your alarm goes off you could have toasted your bread, slathered on some kaya and be ready to dip those toast fingers into your eggs. And speaking of kaya, if you really want to be transported back to an old-fashioned kopitiam in Singapore or Malaysia then you’ll need to make a pot of kopi and our homemade kaya coconut jam.

Banh Mi Op La Recipe — Hoi An Style Banh Mi with Omelette 

This banh mi op la recipe, which is essentially a recipe for a banh mi or Vietnamese baguette sandwich with an omelette, is a great breakfast or brunch dish combining the Southeast Asian classic breakfast of grilled pork with the addition of an omelette all wrapped up in a baguette. We’re so delighted to see this was another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo. We had been going to our favourite banh mi shop, Bánh Mì Phuong, in Hoi An for a couple of weeks into our three month stay in the Central Vietnam port town, when a local friend suggested we ask the ladies to make us their bánh mì ốp la (also written as ‘banh mi opla’ sometimes) instead of our usual banh mi ‘with the lot’ (see our banh mi recipe). Once we tried Phuong’s banh mi op la, there was no turning back. Then we were switched on to Madame Khanh’s bahn mi op la by our friend, Neville, the operator of Hoi An’s first street food tour company, who named her the ‘Banh Mi Queen’. I hate to think how many eggs we ate a week during our months in Hoi An.

Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Winter Truffles Recipe 

This scrambled eggs with truffles recipe makes a decadent dish with fresh winter truffles and it was another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo. The scrambled eggs should be creamy, silky and sensuous, which means not skimping on the butter for this dish. You can go back to your egg-white omelette tomorrow. After a run. This recipe was created for our Weekend Eggs edition from Vienna, Austria, on our 2010 grand tour of the world. Having bought a fresh truffle at the Naschmarkt, Vienna‘s main food market, which was a few minutes’ stroll from our apartment rental, Terence knew he had to make a scrambled eggs with truffles recipe for our Vienna edition of Weekend Eggs. Terence uses the little offcuts of the truffle that you sometimes get when shaving the truffles and throws those into the egg mixture just before taking it off the heat. It’s so good, and obviously so many of our readers agree as this is another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo.


Cambodian Saom Omelette Recipe for an Herbaceous Weekend Eggs Dish with Foraged Greens

This Cambodian saom omelette recipe is inspired by the typical herb omelette that Cambodians love to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a filling snack and it was another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo. It’s a delicious herbaceous eggs dish made with a beloved Cambodian green that is foraged and farmed. Stinky when raw, it’s sweet, garlicky and comforting when fried in butter. Known in English as climbing wattle or acacia leaf, saom is called cha-om in Thailand and in Myanmar it’s su pout ywet. Saom – sometimes written sa’om – and is the feathery shoots of the senegalia pennata, which is also called acacia pennata. Saom is farmed on a small scale here in Cambodia, but it’s mostly foraged. Cambodians were foragers well before it was fashionable. The natural instinct is to pluck something from the backyard, the neighbour’s yard, the side of the road, or anywhere in and around the village where things grow. I’m so pleased this is one of your all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes as it’s also one of mine.

Scrambled Eggs with Sucuk Sausage Recipe for Weekend Eggs from Istanbul

Our scrambled eggs with sucuk sausage for Weekend Eggs from Istanbul was another recipe from that 2010 grand tour of the world that launched Grantourismo. It wasn’t a traditional Turkish dish, but it was Turkish-inspired. One product we adored in Turkey was its sucuk, a spicy local sausage that you can find in a vacuum pack in every Turkish supermarket. One classic local breakfast eggs dish uses the sausage sliced and placed over two eggs cracked into a sahan, a very pretty Turkish skillet. It’s fine but it’s often overcooked, and you won’t find skillets in too many holiday houses or apartment rentals. One of our favourite Turkish breakfast eggs dish, also prepared in the sahan, is menemen — featuring tomatoes, peppers and chillies. It’s delicious and if you’re going to try one dish for brunch in Istanbul, try menemen. It’s particularly good if you’ve had too many rakis the night before. Terence wanted to created an Istanbul-inspired Weekend Eggs using sucuk and this is it and we’re so thrilled to see this is another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo.

Eggs in Purgatory Recipe from Southern Italy – The Calabrian Rendition of Eggs with Spicy Nduja

Our recipe for the Calabrian rendition of the old Southern Italian favourite called eggs in purgatory or uova al purgatorio makes a fantastic version of this dish of soft poached eggs in a rich tomato sauce with ’nduja, the spicy spreadable sausage from Spilinga in Italy’s southernmost province. In Calabria it’s also known as uova fra diavolo (eggs between the devil) and uova ca ’nduja (eggs with spicy Calabrian sausage). The dish is essentially the eggs in purgatory recipe with the addition of some of Calabria’s finest ingredients, its famous fiery sausage spread called ’nduja, aromatic red peppers or peperoncino, and Tropea onions or red shallots. While uova al purgatorio is frequently referred to as an ‘ancient’ dish, that’s impossible as the tomato (pomodoro) and chilli pepper (peperoncino) didn’t arrive in Italy until around 1500. Both were brought to Italy via Spain from South America and Central America, with Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in a movement of food, plants, culture, animals, people, ideas, and diseases, which became known as the Columbian Exchange. Regardless, it’s one of our favourite breakfast eggs dishes and we’re so chuffed that it was another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo.


Egg Foo Young Recipe for the Original Cantonese Style Crispy Omelette Fu Yong Dan

This egg foo young recipe makes the original Cantonese style egg foo young – or egg foo yung and egg fu yung in English and fu yong dan or fuyong dan in Cantonese – a deliciously crispy omelette filled with pork, spring onions and bean sprouts, that originated in Southern China in the 18th century during the Ching Dynasty. It was another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo. Just to be clear, this egg foo young recipe or fuyong dan recipe does not make the make the Chinese-American egg foo young which is a popular Chinese restaurant takeout dish of crispy pancake-like omelettes drizzled in gravy in the USA. We mostly make this Cantonese style egg foo young recipe or fu yong dan recipe with savoury pork mince instead of char siu pork and it’s absolutely delicious. Don’t get us wrong, we adore char siu or Chinese barbecued pork and have had a char sui pork recipe on the site for many years. Pork is fantastic here in Cambodia and it’s affordable. But we’re still in a pandemic after all and we all have ground pork in the freezer and making char siu pork might be something of a luxury when minced pork is more readily available, hence our collection of ground pork recipes


Best Mexican Breakfast Recipes from Huevos Rancheros to Mexican Migas with a Twist

This wasn’t a recipe, but rather it was a collection of recipes, however, it was still one of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipe posts, so we’ve included it here. Our best Mexican breakfast recipes include everything from an authentic huevos revueltos con chorizo recipe for scrambled eggs with chorizo sausage inspired by our favourite eggs dish in Mexico City at Café el Popular to our contemporary take on huevos rancheros and a Mexican migas recipe with a twist that we call a migas tortilla. If you made us choose a favourite nation of countries boasting the best breakfast eggs dishes in the world, without hesitation we would pick Mexico for its huevos revueltos (scrambled eggs), huevos rancheros (‘ranch eggs’), and huevos Mexicana (scrambled eggs with some of Mexico’s most quintessential ingredients: serrano peppers, tomatoes and onions). We first fell in love with Mexican breakfasts on our very first trip to Mexico, when we travelled the length and breadth of the country some 25 years ago, and Terence has been cooking Mexican egg breakfasts regularly ever since. We love that you love Mexican breakfast eggs as much as we do!

Best Breakfast Burrito Recipe with Scrambled Eggs, Shredded Chicken, Cheese and Pico de Gallo

Our best breakfast burrito recipe makes a burrito with scrambled eggs, shredded chicken, melted cheese, charred corn, and pico de gallo. While that might seem like a loaded breakfast burrito, it’s actually a light healthy breakfast burrito compared to most takeout breakfast burritos, which is why you need to make your own breakfast burritos at home. This is a lighter breakfast burrito than most breakfast burrito recipes you’ll come across, which tend to only exist as hangover cures – not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, if you don’t want a too-filling burrito that’s not going to make you want to sit in front of the TV all day, this lighter, fresher breakfast burrito is for you. We love this breakfast burrito so we’re chuffed that this was another of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipe posts.


Thai Son-in-Law Eggs Recipe for Fried Boiled Eggs with Sweet Tamarind Sauce

Our Thai son-in-law eggs recipe for kai look keuy makes golden-brown fried soft-boiled eggs with an ever-so-slightly crispy skin. They’re drizzled in a sweet and sour homemade tamarind sauce (although you could be very generous with the sauce and drown the things in it if you like) and sprinkled with fresh coriander (cilantro), spicy dried chillies, and crunchy fried shallots and crunchy fried garlic. You may need Terence’s guide to making perfect boiled eggs (link above), as the egg whites need to be firm enough not to break or fall apart, but we still want soft yolks, so around 5 1/2 to 6 minutes is perfect. It’s also important to use a high smoke point oil, such as rice bran oil as 190˚C is close to smoke point for some oils. Note that the reason we’re deep-frying at such a high temperature is to make the surface of the eggs golden brown while keeping the yolks soft. You can eat these on their own as a light breakfast or snack, or as the Thais do with steamed rice to make a meal out of them. This was one of the first eggs recipes we published when we re-launched the Weekend Eggs series last year.


Turkish Scrambled Eggs Recipe for Menemen for a Traditional Turkish Breakfast Spread

This Turkish scrambled eggs recipe makes menemen, a highlight of traditional Turkish breakfast spreads from Istanbul to Izmir. Often compared to shakshuka and eggs in purgatory, menemen is a Turkish breakfast dish of eggs scrambled in a spicy tomato sauce in a pan. White cheese, green peppers and sucuk sausage can be added. The addition of onion is much debated. Menemen was the centrepiece of many a traditional Turkish breakfast spread that we used to enjoy on our travels in Turkey. We always looked forward to breakfast in Turkey and the traditional Turkish breakfast spread that was so generous that it could take hours to get through it. There are few breakfasts more enjoyable than a breakfast that invites you to slow down and linger for a while. It’s a wonderful way to start a day. The traditional Turkish breakfast spread would typically include baskets of Turkish breads, pots of various jams and honeys, dishes of olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, labneh, and white cheese, perhaps a board of local charcuterie and hard cheeses, and eggs. While the eggs could consist simply of boiled eggs or perhaps a simple omelette or fried eggs, at the heart of the very best and most generous of traditional Turkish breakfast spreads was a pan of menemen, eggs scrambled in a rich, spicy tomato and onion sauce, garnished with fresh parsley.


Please do let us know in the comments below if you make any of our all-time 12 most popular Weekend Eggs recipes in 12 years of Grantourismo, as we’d love to know how they turn out for you.

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