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Every destination has a breakfast eggs dish that locals love. Here we look into it and recreate the dish ourselves.

Creamy Soft Scrambled Eggs Recipe with Chinese Barbecue Pork and Chives

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This creamy soft scrambled eggs recipe with Chinese barbecue pork and chives makes a fantastic and filling breakfast eggs dish that literally takes minutes to make. Using a combination of Eastern and Western techniques, the result is the silkiest creamiest eggs that we can happily eat every day. Our creamy soft scrambled eggs with Chinese ...

Traditional Burmese Egg Curry Recipe for a Myanmar Breakfast Favourite

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This traditional Burmese egg curry recipe makes a Myanmar curry shop staple that’s typically eaten for breakfast. Served with a spicy tomato and onion-based curry, the boiled eggs are peeled and deep fried in turmeric until golden, which is why you’ll also see this called a Burmese golden egg curry recipe in Burmese cookbooks. This ...

Traditional Scotch Eggs Recipe with a Thai Inspired Pad Kra Pao Twist

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This traditional Scotch eggs recipe for the classic British picnic snack has a Thai-influenced twist inspired by the Thai stir-fry favourite, pad kra pao or pad gaprao. Scotch eggs are traditionally made with a boiled egg wrapped in seasoned sausage meat, which is crumbed and deep-fried. Here, I’ve given the minced pork a pad kra ...

Turkish Poached Eggs Recipe with Garlic Yoghurt and Chilli Oil for Cilbir

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This Turkish poached eggs recipe makes cilbir – more correctly çılbır, pronounced ‘chil-bir’ – a delicious Turkish brunch dish of runny eggs immersed in creamy garlic yoghurt, drizzled with buttery chilli oil, and garnished with fragrant fresh dill. A favourite of Ottoman sultans, çılbır can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or a snack. If you ...