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Every destination has a breakfast eggs dish that locals love. Here we look into it and recreate the dish ourselves.

Crab Omelette Recipe for a Very Decadent Weekend Eggs Dish

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This crab omelette recipe makes for a decadent weekend eggs dish that's perfect if you’re just back from an early morning shop at the fish markets, armed with luxurious fresh crab meat. This crab omelette is a little sweet, a little spicy, and very, very moreish. I thought I'd opt for a crab omelette recipe ...

Kai Yat Say Thai Stuffed Eggs Recipe for Weekend Eggs

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This kai yat say Thai stuffed eggs recipe makes an omelette stuffed with minced pork and vegetables. It's a breakfast dish that I make regularly here in Bangkok, inspired by the early morning street food dishes that are usually finished by mid-morning. At 7am in Bangkok the city is animated. And of course being Bangkok, ...

Weekend Oats: Savouring Porridge in Scotland

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There’s no dish that reminds me more of my childhood than porridge. This humble and much-maligned breakfast of oats, soaked and cooked in milk or water, was a winter favourite for my family growing up in Australia. While we had no ties to Scotland, where porridge is probably the country's most quintessential dish after haggis, ...

Scrambled Eggs with Truffles Recipe

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Winter in Europe... heavy overcoats, crunchy snow, rosy cheeks, cute kids being pulled along on sleds by their parents, snowboarding, piping hot glühwein... and truffles. Yes, truffles. Having bought a fresh truffle at the Naschmarkt in Vienna, one of the dishes I knew I had to make was truffles with scrambled eggs. Eggs and risotto ...

Scrambled Eggs with Sucuk Sausage Recipe

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In my Istanbul edition of The Dish, I shared my recipe for lamb chops with bulgur that I made here in the tiny kitchen of our apartment near Taksim Square. Today I'm doing scrambled eggs with sucuk sausage. So it's not a traditional Turkish dish, but it's Turkish-inspired. When I made the lamb chops with bulgur, ...

Gallo Pinto Recipe from Costa Rica

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I’m not going to fib. The only negative things we heard about Costa Rica before our visit to the country were about a subject close to our hearts: the food. One Mexican chef we met who’d lived in Costa Rica for a long time said we’d love everything about Costa Rica. “What about the food,” ...