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Sunday Chicken Dinner Ideas – 6 New Chicken Recipes from Chicken Soup to Chicken Salad

This compilation of Sunday chicken dinner ideas includes six new chicken dinner recipes for those of you for whom Sunday night dinner means a chicken dinner, and not necessarily a traditional roast chicken dinner. Our six new chicken recipes include everything from a Vietnamese chicken salad and Japanese fried chicken to Thai chicken satay skewers.

My round-up of Sunday night chicken dinner ideas for you tonight features six new chicken recipes that we’ve published this month that you’re going to love if you haven’t made them yet. We’ve got everything from a comforting chicken and potato soup to a satay chicken fried rice made with curry powder.

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Sunday Chicken Dinner Ideas – 6 New Chicken Recipes

Vietnamese Chicken Salad Recipe

This classic Vietnamese chicken salad recipe will make you a fantastic year-round salad and it’s one of my best Sunday chicken dinner ideas. In summer, you can eat it just as it is, as a one-bowl meal or with other salads, perhaps some fish, and maybe slices of crusty baguette.

In winter, you can serve it with the poached chicken still warm, alongside a warm Vietnamese rice porridge, hot Vietnamese soup, or even a Vietnamese beef stew. But I’m happy having a big bowl of this salad on its own, as it’s filling, healthy and so satisfying.

In many ways, this Vietnamese chicken and cabbage salad exemplifies what’s so good about Southeast Asian salads. It’s fresh, fragrant, textured, and flavourful, not only courtesy of the ingredients, but that quintessential Southeast Asian salad dressing of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, garlic, and chilli.

Tip: make sure to use a digital thermometer to check the internal temperature of the chicken so it doesn’t over-cook. When it’s at 74˚C/ 165˚F it’s ready. After you’ve removed the chicken breasts and they’ve cooled, pull the chicken apart by hand and refrigerate until the salad is ready.

Vietnamese Chicken Salad Recipe with Crunchy Cabbage and Crispy Fried Shallots


Chicken and Potato Soup Recipe

My chicken and potato soup recipe will make you a deliciously comforting homemade chicken potato soup from scratch that is hearty and nourishing and it’s another one of my best Sunday chicken dinner ideas.

The base of this warming winter soup is the easiest chicken stock you’ll ever make, made from perfectly poached chicken breasts, which are then pulled apart and used in the soup.

This is the kind of soup I love to make a big pot of if I’m feeling unwell or a little down or in need of hugs – no matter what the weather. I’ll happily nurse a bowl of this healing soup, whether it’s winter or summer – when I’ll blast the AC for five minutes before dishing it up and settling on the sofa to watch some Netflix.

Straightforward and with a super-simple stock that’s a cinch to make, my chicken and potato soup recipe is the kind of soup I wish I’d known how to make when I was young and reached for a can of Campbell’s cream of chicken soup or potato soup whenever I was sick.

Tip: you’ll need a strainer to remove any impurities and scum from your chicken stock.

Chicken and Potato Soup Recipe for a Comforting Soup that Starts with an Easy Stock


Thai Rice Soup with Poached Chicken Recipe

As you can see I’ve been poaching a lot of chicken recently! This easy Thai rice soup recipe with poached chicken and soft-boiled eggs makes khao tom gai, a beloved single-bowl meal in Thailand that’s eaten any time, and it’s another one of my top Sunday chicken dinner ideas.

This Thai rice soup with chicken is fantastic, whether you’re in need of comfort, nourishment or a hangover cure (or hangover prevention) or whether you’re looking for a quick and easy meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Although it’s a cinch to make, it’s a sublime soup, especially if you have time to leave it on the stove for even longer than I’ve recommended, and especially if you’re a fan of Southeast Asian style rice soups and rice porridges.

Tip: the toppings and condiments really make this dish: in addition to shredded chicken, I suggest soft boiled eggs, sliced spring onions, crispy fried shallots, a few slices of red chillies, and a drizzle of fish sauce, but you could go with deep-fried garlic, preserved cabbaged, soy sauce, or chilli flakes or whatever you like.

Thai Rice Soup Recipe with Poached Chicken and Soft Boiled Eggs for Khao Tom Gai

Japanese Fried Chicken Recipe

Terence’s Japanese fried chicken recipe for karaage chicken makes incredibly juicy chicken pieces with a super crispy skin and it’s one of my favourite Sunday chicken dinner ideas. Karaage is a technique that calls for marinating the chicken, before a light coating with flour, then twice-frying the chicken.

One of the things we love about fried chicken is that you can eat it year-round – fried chicken is fantastic with creamy mashed potatoes or spicy potato wedges in winter and pairs perfectly with summer salads in the warmer months, and this fried chicken recipe for Japanese karaage chicken is no exception.

In the colder months, this Japanese fried chicken calls for a side of korokke or deep-fried panko-coated mashed potato croquettes (recipe coming soon), while during warmer weather you’re going to want to tuck into some karaage chicken with this Japanese potato salad or Japanese style cucumber and cabbage salad.

If you’re a fried chicken and salad lover, you should also try this Belles Hot Chicken Nashville-style Southern fried chicken and our Burmese fried chicken recipe which makes a popular street food snack in Myanmar, which is brilliant with this Shan tomato salad or Burmese raw cabbage salad.

Tip: have a baking sheet with a wire rack ready for the finished chicken pieces to drain on.

Japanese Fried Chicken Recipe for Crispy Juicy Karaage Chicken Pieces

Thai Chicken Satay Skewers Recipe

This Thai chicken satay skewers recipe for sate gai makes delicious Thai satay chicken in the Southern Thailand style and it’s another one of our best Sunday chicken dinner ideas.

You’ll find these small skewers at street food stalls all over Thailand, including Bangkok, where satay pork skewers (sate moo) are preferred. Marinated in coconut milk and spices, the skewers are usually grilled over charcoal outside, but you can do them indoors on the stove on a griddle pan.

These Thai street food satay skewers are different to the ‘Thai’ satay skewers you typically see in foreign cookbooks, food magazines and blogs, which are often enormous, with big chunky pieces of chicken meat. I’ve never seen skewers like that on the streets of Thailand.

Tip: we’ve got a recipe for the authentic Thai peanut satay sauce that goes with it, but it’s a cooking project. However, we do suggest a few short-cuts such as using already-ground spices and a store-bought Thai curry paste.

Thai Chicken Satay Skewers Recipe for Sate Gai in the Southern Thai Street Food Style

Satay Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

I created this quick, easy and incredibly tasty satay chicken fried rice recipe to make use of leftover satay chicken skewers and leftover steamed rice, but you could make the satay chicken from scratch to go into the rice or be eaten on the side, while vegetarians could skip the chicken completely. It’s another of our best Sunday chicken dinner ideas.

While day-old steamed rice that’s been in the fridge is best, that doesn’t mean you can’t make this. Just-cooked rice will go mushy if stir-fried while still warm, but you can spread the rice out loosely over a large tray, such as a stainless steel or aluminium baking tray, and set it aside to cool, and it will be just fine.

I make fried rice this way all the time and it never clumps together and never goes mushy. But you really must steam your jasmine rice in a rice cooker rather than boiling it on the stove.

We fry our rice in our round flat bottomed wok, which is non-stick and light-weight. If you don’t have a wok, use your favourite frying pan or skillet.

Tip: don’t skip the garnishes, which add texture and aroma. I recommend crispy fried shallots and fresh fragrant coriander but you could use another Southeast Asian herb if you prefer.

Tasty Satay Chicken Fried Rice Recipe to Use Leftover Satay Chicken and Steamed Rice

Please do let us know if you make any of our six new chicken dinner recipes in tonight’s Sunday chicken dinner ideas collection in the comments below as we love to hear how our recipes turn out for you.


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