Our Home Away from Home in Marrakech. Dar Rocmarra, a riad in Marrakech, Morocco. Copyright © 2022 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.

Our Home Away From Home in Marrakech is a Medina Riad

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Our home away from home in Marrakech is a serene riad secreted away on a dog-legged alley in the old medina. Located in the bustling neighbourhood of Bab Doukkala, which couldn’t be more atmospheric, our riad with its peaceful courtyard and tinkling water feature exudes a sense of calm amidst the endearing chaos.

Our home away from home in Marrakech is a peaceful riad in the Marrakech medina.  Marrakech is a city of contrasts, as clichéd as that sounds, and so off every boisterous lane is a tranquil alleyway, and behind many a ramshackle exterior is an elegant oasis of calm. Dar Rocmarra, our home away from home in Marrakech is one such place.

A riad is a traditional two- to three-storey Moroccan house with a courtyard at its centre, and our’s is an especially serene riad considering it’s in the thick of the bustle of Marrakech’s medina, on a skinny dog-legged passage off a pedestrianised lane, off a busy street near Bab Doukkala, Dar El Bacha palace, and Rue Dar El Bacha.

Our Home Away From Home in Marrakech is a Riad in the Medina

Marrakech is endearingly chaotic and as exotic as every magazine article makes it out to be. From the cacophony of sounds, sights and smells on the Djemaa al Fna, the city’s main square, which comes alive every night with musicians, storytellers, snake-charmers, and stall-holders, to the labyrinthine medina and lively markets that hum with life as Moroccans go about their business on bicycle, motorcycle and mule.

Amongst the chaos we eventually found our home away from home in Marrakech, though it wasn’t the Marrakech riad that we’d booked months before. It was probably to be expected, in keeping with the personality of Marrakech, that things will not always go as smoothly as planned.

And so it was that our first holiday rental accommodation of our global grand tour that had been organised by our project partners did not have the Internet access so vital to this project. We wasted an afternoon trying to get the internet to work and an evening investigating other access options.

Then we moved to another riad the following day. It was the best decision we could have made. The bustling neighbourhood of Bab Doukkala couldn’t be more atmospheric and our riad Dar Rocmarra exudes a sense of calm amidst the chaos. And the internet works!

With a pretty courtyard of potted palms and a healthy olive tree, our serene new home away from home in Marrakech has a tinkling water feature in the courtyard, fragrant roses in vases, and cosy nooks with cushions, such as the one where I’m writing.

Our Home Away from Home in Marrakech. Dar Rocmarra, a riad in Marrakech, Morocco. Copyright © 2022 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.

Rue Dal El Bacha is lined with some of the medina’s most charming shops, including antique stores and the bookshop Librairie d’Art Dar El Bacha, and the surrounding neighbourhood boasts some of the Old City’s best restaurants and most charming riads.

Just outside the heavy wooden door to Dar Rocmarra, locals whizz by on motorcycles, kids muck around on their way home from school, and worshippers make their way to the mosque on the corner when the call-to-prayer sounds.

Inside our home in Marrakech, all we can hear is the fireplace crackling in the evenings, the tinkle of water from the fountain where pink rose petals float, the manager-cum-housekeeper-cum-chef Jamila pottering about in the kitchen, and the atmospheric sounds of what must be one of the most eclectic riad soundtracks around – everything from Natacha Atlas to Amy Winehouse.

Our Home Away from Home in Marrakech. Dar Rocmarra, a riad in Marrakech, Morocco. Copyright © 2022 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.


Dar Rocmarra’s English owners Rob and Julie, and Ian and Helen, took 18 months to renovate the property from scratch – and they have photos to prove it that Rob is proud to show off on the iPod that serves as a sound system.

While they designed the whole riad together, each was responsible for putting their mark on the place by decorating a particular room. Remarkably – or simply because the couples have such impeccable taste – each of the individually themed rooms work wonderfully together within the overall style of the riad, which is chic and refined.

The two-storey riad is decorated with Oriental lanterns and Moroccan antiques and bric-a-brac, including a carved wooden door from the original building that has been turned into a dining table, and the look is clean, understated, and contemporary.

Our Home Away from Home in Marrakech. Dar Rocmarra, a riad in Marrakech, Morocco. Copyright © 2022 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.

The attention to detail is impressive. All rooms boast stainless-steel vessels with intricate cut-out patterns to hide plastic water bottles; dainty crystal-trimmed satin bags to hold hairdryers, candles bearing ‘hands of Fatima’ and henna patterns, and creamy locally made soaps.

The compact ground floor Bijou room boasts pretty handmade curtains; the adjoining Berber room has rocks embedded in the walls as a decorative feature; the Sahara room above it had cracked mud-hut walls; Johara, the most glamorous room, which Julie admits is “chintzy in a nice way”, has crystal chandeliers and velvet chairs; while Douria, our suite, has a fireplace and a fabulous nook that’s ideal for curling up with a good book – or laptop as Terence has done today.

“Our suite?!” I hear you ask. Weren’t we meant to be trading hotel rooms for holiday homes this year? Well, like many riads in Marrakesh, Dar Rocmarra is available to rent as a whole house, including Jamila and two staff – or its rooms can be rented individually, when it becomes a maison d’hotes and operates like a cross between a B&B and boutique hotel.

Unlike a B&B the owner-managers don’t live on the premises, and unlike a hotel the atmosphere is intimate, relaxed and cosy, service is warm and personable, and the welcoming, can-do attitude of the staff makes you immediately feel ‘at home’.

Jamila, for instance, is going to take Terry shopping and teach him how to cook tajine. I couldn’t imagine that happening at many hotels. But we’re going to save that experience for another post!


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  1. Sigh…what can I say? I LOVE Marrakech. I love it that I can surge my way through the cacophonous market, then come home to a peaceful retreat afterwards. When you’re inside one of these riads, you’d think you were miles away from the chaotic, dust-ridden streets of Marrakech. But one step out that door and you’re in the thick of it! Sigh…

  2. Abi, that’s just the was it goes sometimes. The art is knowing when to cut your losses and make other arrangements – something we often have to do on the road. And, yep there is plenty more to come, thanks for visiting!

    Jen, we know how much you love the place!

  3. Marrakesh is one place on my wish list but I’m also facinated by going to Essaouria where I know you’ll be off to soon – I’m slightly worried that Marrakesh will disappoint by being too touristy and too many people hastling and like the idea of somewhere that is a bit more laid back.

  4. Hi Heather, we’ll be addressing the hassle/touristy issue this upcoming week. I believe a few days in Marrakech is a *must* for any travel who wants to see the world – despite the hassles and the increasing mass tourism – all the more reason to come now! We’ve spent a long time travelling the country over the years, and we still love Essaouria so much. We can’t wait!
    Cheers & thanks for your comments!

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