Absorbing a slice of local life in Marrakech medina to gain more insight into how Moroccans live their lives is why we’re spending so much time here. We want to inspire other travellers to spend more time exploring local neighbourhoods and learning more about the everyday life of the locals in the places they visit.

They’re the main aims of our Grantourismo project in a nutshell. Which is why we’re spending two weeks in Morocco in Marrakech (aside from a 3-day escape we’ll do to Essaouira this weekend), rather than travelling further afield as we’ve done on previous trips.

We’ve been spending most of our time here so far in Marrakech’s medina or old city exploring the alleyways around our riad Dar Rocmarra, and on our way to the souqs, and on to the main square Place Djemaa Al Fna.

We have spent a lot of time simply ambling our neighbourhood near Bab Doukkala – and we’ve had just as engaging a time as we have on previous stays when we’ve raced around Marrakech doing all the sights.

If you don’t believe us, take a look at this gallery of photos Terry took during a two-hour walk we did from the riad with the aim of capturing that slice of local life I talked about. Now, if you had that kind of colour in your ’hood, you wouldn’t want to leave here either, would you?

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