Krakow foodie souvenirs include traditional Polish treats to take home such as beautifully packaged honeys, preserves, syrups, teas, coffees, confectionary, and of course, chocolate, along with homemade local liqueurs you won’t find outside Poland. Here are our recommendation for the best edible souvenirs to buy.

Sipping gluhwein at Kraków’s Christmas markets, taking in midnight mass on Christmas Eve, watching folk music in Zakopane… we’ve kept things fairly traditional during our time here in Poland. Hence the traditional Polish take home treats to buy for your Krakow foodie souvenirs.

We’ve also focused a more on food and drink, from learning how to make pierogi to learning all about the local homemade liqueurs. So I thought I’d stick to the theme and opt for Krakow foodie souvenirs and traditional treats with a twist for my Polish take-home suggestions.

Krakow Foodie Souvenirs — Traditional Polish Take Home Treats To Buy

First stop: for the best Krakow foodie souvenirs, head to the wonderful delicatessen Krakowski Kredens on Grodzka street, just a minute from the main market square, Rynek Glowny.

Actually, don’t leave it until the last day, go as soon as you arrive, as they have plenty of things you’ll want to try during your stay, such as the local lards served with bread in the restaurants, as well as terrines, pates, cold cuts, sausages, cheeses, rollmops, pickles, mushrooms, mustards, and even soups.

For edible souvenirs that scream Poland, you’ve got a choice between beautifully packaged honeys, preserves, syrups, teas, coffees, confectionary, and of course, chocolate.

I love their chocolate, which is fine and creamy but comes with a twist, such as the sample I bought above, which is Żubrówka-flavoured chocolate with pieces of bison grass throughout. Delish!

If you’re keen to take a bottle of something strong home, your first inclination is probably to reach for the local Żubrówka, but you’ll probably find that in most duty free stores or your liquor store back home.

Head to Szambelan, instead, for some homemade liqueurs that you’re guaranteed to not find anywhere else, as they’re made by the owner and other local producers. You can read about my tasting and guide to the local liqueurs here. The staff also make the bottles look very pretty if you’re planning to give your Kraków foodie souvenirs as gifts.

Where to Buy Krakow Foodie Souvenirs

Krakowski Kredens

ul. Grodzka 7
012 423 8159


ul. Gołębia 2 (corner of Bracka)
012 628 7093

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