Our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021 once again included a combination of rich comfort food favourites, including my beef Stroganoff recipe, which appealed more to our southern hemisphere readers, while our northern hemisphere readers liked our breakfast recipes from our Weekend Eggs series of breakfast eggs dishes from around the world, along with our Mexican recipes.

This month I’m compiling our round-up of our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021 from our apartment in Siem Reap, which we haven’t strayed far from in the last few weeks. We’ve been in a hard lockdown, which meant we weren’t able to leave the apartment at all in the beginning when we were a red zone.

After our zone was downgraded a level to orange, we were able to leave for exercise in our zone and to go to the supermarket, just three times a week. While we’ve spent much of the last 18 months of the pandemic at home, this period has been almost as tough as the 15-day quarantine in July.

Being in a nicer apartment has eased the pain considerably and we’ve kept ourselves busy cooking and shooting and writing up recipes so we don’t go insane. At the time of writing this, we’re still not sure when the lockdown will end, so you can expect a lot more recipes over coming days and weeks.

Before I tell you about our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021, the recipes our readers searched for and spent most of their time this month, we have a favour to ask.

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Most Popular Recipes of September 2021 – Here’s What Our Readers Have Been Cooking

Here are the 10 most popular recipes of September 2021 on Grantourismo – the recipes our readers searched for, spent time on, and hopefully cooked this month.


Authentic Beef Stroganoff Recipe for a Russian Retro Classic

Last month my Russian beef Stroganoff recipe was number three, so I was thrilled to see it rise to the top of the list of 10 most popular recipes of September 2021. As our regular readers know, when Terence and I aren’t testing Cambodian recipes for the epic Cambodian cookbook and culinary history we’ve been working on for the last eight years, we’re documenting my family’s Russian recipes for a more personal cookbook we hope to do after the Cambodia book. I shared this beef Stroganoff recipe back in April, partly for that project, and partly for Russian Easter when I cook a lot of Russian food and spend a few days reminiscing about family meals of long ago. But you don’t need a reason to cook my take on one of the most quintessential Russian dishes there is, and if you do, please let us know what you think.

How to Boil Eggs Perfectly Every Time for Soft-Boiled and Hard-Boiled Eggs

How to boil eggs perfectly and specifically how long to boil eggs for soft-boiled eggs and how long to boil eggs for hard-boiled eggs are perhaps the most often-asked questions of home cooks these days, including our readers. Terence’s guide to how to boil eggs perfectly every time was the second most-read post of 10 most popular recipes of September 2021 and it’s no surprise. Over the years, Terence has tried every method for boiling eggs perfectly, having scoured countless cookbooks to doing hours of internet research. He’s marked up endless fresh eggs with cooking times and stuck myriad post-it notes to cutting boards. And, yes, we’ve eaten a lot of egg sandwiches during his research, but it paid off. He boils perfectly cooked eggs every time.

Mexican Migas Recipe with a Twist – Meet the ‘Migas Tortilla’ Made with Homemade Crispy Tortilla Chips

I was delighted to see this Mexican migas recipe with a twist land in third place on our list of 10 most popular recipes of September 2021 as we only published the recipe a couple of weeks ago. Another of Terence’s recipes, for his rebooted Weekend Eggs recipe series on breakfast eggs dishes from around the world, this inauthentic Mexican migas recipe makes a ‘migas tortilla’ made with homemade crispy tortilla chips. In Mexico, migas is a scrambled eggs dish that uses up stale corn tortilla or wheat flour tortillas made into crispy tortilla chips. For Weekend Eggs, Terence created this migas tortilla inspired by the Spanish tortilla and it was absolutely delicious. Instead of scrambled eggs with homemade crispy tortilla chips, the eggs are set into a form that more closely resembles a Spanish potato tortilla or Italian frittata. It’s so cool to know readers are cooking this one.

Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Congee Recipe for a Comforting East-West Savoury Rice Porridge

I think I was even more chuffed to see our bacon and eggs breakfast congee recipe for a comforting East-West savoury rice porridge at number four on our list of 10 most popular recipes of September 2021 as this recipe only went up on Grantourismo on Friday for our most recent edition of Weekend Eggs. This is another inauthentic dish that came to me in the middle of a sleepless night and I think Terence thought I was nuts when I suggested bacon and eggs rice porridge for Weekend Eggs. I was partly inspired by the classic Australian breakfast of bacon and eggs with sautéed mushrooms, and partly by the classic Chinese and Southeast breakfast porridges with pork and boiled eggs, and completely satisfied with the result. It’s so over the top that it definitely feels a bit more Australian than Asia. Before you make this, you will need to make some of our homemade Sriracha, chilli oil and homemade furikake (Japanese seasoning).

Fried Egg Avocado Breakfast Banh Mi Recipe – or Breakfast Num Pang, Just Don’t Call It a Sub!

This fried egg avocado breakfast banh mi recipe makes a breakfast sandwich inspired by the Cambodian and Vietnamese breakfast baguettes with eggs that we’ve long eaten, such as banh mi op la in Hoi An, as well as the classic Australian café breakfast favourite of smashed avocado toast with poached eggs. Call it a Vietnamese banh mi or a Cambodian num pang or a breakfast sandwich or whatever you want to call it, but please don’t call it a Sub! I have issues with things that get named after brands and I’m increasingly seeing ‘sub’ used to describe all kinds of baguette sandwiches, including here in Southeast Asia. Rant over. If you enjoy our fried egg avocado breakfast num pang, do try our meatball num pang made with these juicy pork balls; our num pang pâté with rustic country-style pâté and cold cuts; and, come Thanksgiving or Christmas, when you have leftover turkey, try our num pang barang (‘barang’ means ‘foreigner’ in Khmer).

Mexican Chicken Tinga Taco Recipe with Grilled Corn, Pickled Shallots and Purple Cabbage

This Mexican chicken tinga taco recipe with grilled corn, pickled shallots and purple cabbage makes a fantastic soft taco with authentic pollo de tinga and quick pickles of pink shallots and purple or red cabbage. It’s a feast for the eyes as much as the stomach and will brighten up any lunch or casual dinner and it was another of our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021. It’s an easy recipe, made with warm soft tortillas with delicious Mexican chicken tinga – or tinga de pollo – grilled corn charred on a griddle pan, zingy pickled purple shallots and pickled purple cabbage, sprinkled with crumbly Mexican cotija and aromatic coriander. Douse it all with your favourite Mexican hot sauce and close your eyes and you might just hear mariachis. It was unplanned, but this month we seemed to punctuate our Cambodian recipe testing with Mexican cooking – and Moroccan, Malay, or rather Cape Malay, and dishes from Myanmar. Maybe we should move onto ‘N’ next month?

Our Best Mango Sago Recipe for an Easy Healthy Creamy Mango Sago Pudding

Our best mango sago recipe makes an easy, healthy, creamy Southeast Asian mango sago pudding that’s made without cream – no coconut cream, no dairy cream, no condensed milk, nada. The secret to the creaminess is frozen mangos, just like with our mango smoothie, which also makes this mango sago pudding healthier than most. This is the best mango sago recipe for you if you love a mango sago pudding or mango sago cups but you don’t love the half cup of sugar or cups of coconut cream and condensed milk that go into these delicious Southeast Asian desserts. Don’t get me wrong, I adore coconut cream and condensed milk works for many desserts, but they’re just not needed here as the frozen mango makes this pudding thick and creamy. And many of you agree, as this was another of our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021.

Russian Fish Soup Recipe for Ukha – A Traditional Fish Soup Made with Salmon

Russians love their soups and perhaps it’s due to my Russian genes that I was drawn to another soup-loving culinary culture, that of Cambodia and the region of Southeast Asia more largely. I grew up slurping soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in summer and winter, spring and autumn, and along with borscht and shchi, this fragrant fish broth was one of my favourites. This Russian fish soup recipe for ukha was another of our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021. Based on a centuries-old traditional Russian soup, it’s said to have been a favourite of emperors and peasants alike. Another family recipe, it makes an easy fish soup, made with salmon, that’s fragrant with fresh dill – although historically this fisherman’s soup was made with several types of fish and a fish head stock. Serve with sour cream and dark rye bread.

Our Best Ground Pork Recipes are Southeast Asian Pork Mince Recipes For Dishes Made For Sharing

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from this pandemic and quarantine cooking – the art of stretching ingredients and dishes over several meals to prolong the period between shopping excursions – it is to always keep minced meat in the freezer. Last month our compilation of best ground beef recipes was in the top ten, and this month our round-up of best minced pork recipes was another of our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021. Beef, chicken and pork mince are versatile, easy to cook with, and affordable, and obviously, many of you agreed. The compilation includes everything from the Cambodian pork larb recipe, pictured, and a Vietnamese bun cha recipe to Thai nam prik ong and a traditional Scotch eggs recipe with a Thai inspired pad kra pao twist.

Cambodian Chicken Rice Porridge Recipe for Borbor Sach Moan, Cambodia’s Congee

Our Cambodian chicken rice porridge recipe for borbor sach moan, the Cambodian take on Chinese congee, is a classic Cambodian comfort food that is eaten at any time of the day. During our many years in Cambodia we’ve observed Cambodians tuck into big bowls of borbor for breakfast, brunch, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner (particularly if someone isn’t feeling well), and a late night supper (i.e. hangover cure). Called borbor sach moan in Khmer, this chicken rice porridge is thought to be a dish of Chinese origin and part of the Cambodian-Chinese culinary heritage rather than a Khmer dish, although I have another theory. Whatever its origin, over many centuries it’s become a favourite of all Cambodians – as well as Cambodian residents, including ourselves. The recipe was another of our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021.

Please do let us know in the comments below if you cook any of our 10 most popular recipes of September 2021 as we’d love to know how they turned out for you.

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