Our Truth Love and Clean Cutlery Giveaway will see two winners receive copies of this gorgeous new guidebook to the world’s truly exemplary, organic, sustainable, and ethical restaurants. To win: tell us how you decide where to eat and whether a restaurant is ‘good’ or not impacts your decision.

I’m so excited about this Truth Love and Clean Cutlery giveaway and if you’re a regular reader you will know why. A couple of months ago I told you about a new book I’d been working on with 57 food editors from around the globe called Truth Love and Clean Cutlery. 

Truth Love and Clean Cutlery is a new series of dining guides for Australia, UK, USA, and the World, showcasing 1,250 restaurants from 45 countries. I worked on the World edition as Asia editor, selecting 59 Southeast Asia restaurants in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The guidebooks are aimed at helping food lovers decide where to eat in the world, based not on whether a restaurant is the best of anything, but based on how good the restaurant is.

What does it mean for a restaurant to be good? Is the restaurant ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly? Have they banned single use plastics from their kitchen? Are they working hard to reduce waste? Are they recycling? Are they using chemical-free / organic produce? Are they supporting small local farmers and growers? Are they only using sustainable seafood? Are they giving back to the local community? Do they treat their staff well and pay them properly? Do they care about their customers as much as they care about prettying up their plates?

So I’m excited to tell you that not only will the World Edition of Truth Love and Clean Cutlery that I worked on be released very soon, in early November, but that I have two copies to give away to two readers, wherever you may be on the planet.

This is what the book looks like:

Truth Love and Clean Cutlery Giveaway

How to Enter to Win this New Guide to Good Restaurants

To enter this Truth Love and Clean Cutlery giveaway to win a copy of this very special book, all you need to do is answer these two questions in the comments at the end of this post, and it can be as brief or in as much detail as you want:

1. How do you decide which restaurants to eat at?

Recommendation from friends or family? Restaurant review in a newspaper, magazine, website, or blog? Guidebook listing? TripAdvisor? Instagram? Or other?

2. Is it important to you that a restaurant is ‘good’?

By ‘good’, we mean… does it matter if the restaurant is using fresh, local, seasonal, sustainable produce (rather than importing everything), and that their produce is chemical-free or organic?

Is it important to you that the restaurant is eco-friendly, that they have banned single-use plastics, that they are recycling, that they are conserving resources, and that they are reducing kitchen waste?

Do you care whether the restaurant is growing their own produce and supporting small local farmers, growers, foragers, and fishermen, local suppliers, local winemakers, and local ceramicists, designers, artists, and florists?

Does it matter that the restaurant is making an effort to use sustainable seafood and ethically caught seafood, that the boats that caught your fish aren’t manned by crew who have been human trafficked?

Is it important to know that the restaurant is giving back to the local community, that they are training disadvantaged young people, that they’re supporting local charities or environmental movements, participating in clean-up days, or feeding the homeless and hungry?

Does it matter that the restaurant treats their staff well, that they are paid properly, that they are treated fairly and with kindness, and are not subject to harassment?

Do you care about how the restaurant treats its customers, that they are kind, that their needs are catered for, whether they are vegetarian or vegan or whether are dining with their children, and that the chef doesn’t yell at diners who disagree with him?

Do any or all of those things matter when you are deciding where you’re going to eat?

Tell us what you think in the Comments at the end of this post and you could win a copy of Truth Love and Clean Cutlery.

Here’s another look at the book…

How We’ll Choose the 2 Winners of the Truth Love and Clean Cutlery Giveaway

The two people who give us the best answers will win a book each. As simple as that.

Myself and my amazing editor, Katrina, will read all the comments and decide who the winners of our Truth Love and Clean Cutlery giveaway are purely based on your answers, below. If we can’t decide, I’ll pull Terence in to help. No complicated rules here.

Your comments do not need to be long, a couple of sentences or one paragraph is enough, unless you want to tell us more.

We’re just looking for insights that reveal how you decide where to eat and whether the criteria that we think is important in selecting restaurants is important to you. That’s all.

So to summaries: to be eligible to win a copy of the World Edition in this Truth Love and Clean Cutlery Giveaway all you have to do is tell us in the comments below:
1) how you choose the restaurants where you’re going to eat, and
2) is it important to you how ‘good’ restaurants are when you’re making your decision?

Our Truth Love and Clean Cutlery Giveaway closes at 5pm on 30 November, 2018, when a decision will be made. We’ll contact the winners directly to get their postal addresses and Katrina will send the books out. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your copy by Christmas? You could even give your prize away as a gift to a restaurant-loving friend.

Truth Love and Clean Cutlery Giveaway – More Information

Truth Love and Clean Cutlery is the title of a new series of dining guides for Australia, UK, USA, and the World by New Zealand publishers Geoff Blackwell and Ruth Hobday of Blackwell & Ruth, whose books have sold 30 million copies in 40 countries. Inspired by social issues, equality, environmental conservation, food security, and humanitarians (their authors have included Nobel laureates Desmond Tutu and the late Nelson Mandela), Blackwell and Ruth have contributed over $4 million to non-profits and a percentage of profits from sales of these books will also go to charities.

Where to Buy the Truth Love & Clean Cutlery Books

If you don’t win a book in our Truth Love & Clean Cutlery giveaway, the books will be released in November 2018 and distributed to good bookshops, gift shops and design stores around the world by Abrams Books and Thames & Hudson.

You can also buy the Truth Love & Clean Cutlery books online at Amazon.

Important: when you are writing your comment, please make sure you provide your email address so we can contact you when you complete the comment form. This should be left when you are completing your comment not included in the comment box.

Pictured above: image by Terence Carter of a dish at Pou Restaurant & Bar, one of a handful of Siem Reap restaurants using almost 100% local produce that also draw on traditional practices such as foraging, preservation and fermentation to elevate Cambodian cuisine. 

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