A video of Villa Tukad, Tumbak Bayuh, Bali, Indonesia. Copyright © 2022 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.

A video of Villa Tukad, Bali

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Sometimes words and photos are not enough… a video of Villa Tukad, featuring the sights and sounds from the idyllic surroundings of our latest holiday rental in Bali, Indonesia.

A Video of Villa Tukad, Tumbank Bayuh, Bali

Scenes from Villa Tukad, Bali. from Gran Tourismo on Vimeo.

Video shot with our Olympus PEN E-P2, and edited in Apple’s Final Cut Pro on a MacBookPro.

The unique selling point of this villa way off the beaten path of tourism-soaked Bali was its disconnect from the horrors of Kuta beach. To be surrounded by rice fields, with no fast food outlets, no chain supermarkets, no mega coffee chains for over an hours drive made staying at the villa so calming.

For me, perhaps it was the sounds of staying in such a bucolic location that was the most calming. The tinkle of the wind chimes, the ceiling fans rhythmically, lazily putting down a beat, the tinkle of the little fountain, the cry of the roosters that never seemed to sleep, the wind through the trees, the musical chirp of the local birds, the occasional blast of a high-pitched voice over a loud speaker covering a local event.

Mixing together these sounds and their accompanying visuals – yes that’s deliberate – remind me of just how peaceful Villa Tukad was, such a different experience than most visitors have in Bali.


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  1. Thanks Lisa, I’m glad someone got around to commenting on it! I thought I captured the languid feel of the place.

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