80/20 Restaurant Bangkok Chefs on Rebooting the Evolution of Thai Cuisine

2019-10-17T19:16:14+07:00By |

80/20 restaurant Bangkok chefs Napol ‘Joe’ Jantraget and Saki Hoshino are creating some of Thailand’s most inspired and imaginative contemporary Thai cuisine. Passionate about local produce, little known ingredients, and preservation and fermentation, the husband and wife chefs hope to reboot the evolution of Thai cuisine. Chefs Napol ‘Joe’ Jantraget and Saki Hoshino's 80/20 restaurant [...]

Fresh Herb Salad Recipe – Yum Chee from 100 Mahaseth Restaurant Bangkok

2019-06-17T18:17:25+07:00By |

This fresh herb salad recipe makes a big fragrant bowl of Yum Chee from 100 Mahaseth Restaurant, Bangkok, and comes courtesy of owner-chef Chalee Kader. European in presentation, it’s distinctly Southeast Asian in its sweet and sour flavours and zestiness. I’ve been hankering to make this fresh herb salad recipe since we first tasted it [...]

Places You Went in 2018 – From Cambodia to Calabria, Italy to Indonesia

2018-12-28T15:46:12+07:00By |

The places you went in 2018 included everywhere from Australia to the Americas, Cambodia to Calabria, and Italy to Indonesia. Those are the places you, our readers, spent time searching for, reading about and booking travel to on Grantourismo in 2018. It’s that time of the year when we all take some time to reflect, when [...]

Michelin Guide Thailand 2019 Released – Some Revelations and Reflections

2018-12-01T15:48:02+07:00By |

The Michelin Guide Thailand 2019 was released last week – or rather, the Michelin Guide Bangkok, Phuket and Phang-Nga, but that’s too much of a mouthful. Here are some reflections and revelations on the second Thailand edition of the little red book. Started by French tyre company Michelin, the first little red booklets were free [...]

Living Like Locals in Phuket – Settling into a Surin Beach Apartment

2019-09-30T22:17:12+07:00By |

Living like locals in Phuket will give you a more enriching experience of the Southern Thai island than staying at a beach resort. Rent an apartment, breakfast with the locals, learn to cook some Phuket food, and you’ll leave with more than a taste of Phuket. Living like locals in Phuket, the Southern Thailand island, [...]

Northeastern Thailand Itinerary – 2 Week Road Trip Through Off the Beaten Track Isaan

2019-09-16T13:10:29+07:00By |

This Northeastern Thailand itinerary takes you off the beaten track on a two-week journey through Thailand’s Isaan region. Khmer Empire temples, bucolic countryside, blisteringly hot food, travelling monks, and Thai cowboys: exploring the Isaan is like visiting no other region in Thailand. Since posting yesterday's chat with chef Chalee Kader of 100 Mahaseth restaurant in Bangkok, [...]

100 Mahaseth Restaurant Chef Chalee Kader on Northeastern Thai Food and Getting Creative

2019-09-07T07:52:48+07:00By |

100 Mahaseth restaurant chef Chalee Kader and partner Chaichat ‘Randy’ Noprapa are responsible for one of our new favourite Bangkok restaurants – a nose-to-tail joint in hip Charoenkrung specialising in wonderful Northern Thai and Northeastern Thai food that is laidback, fun, and eco-friendly. While Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand are familiar to most travellers to [...]

Phuket Dishes to Try in Phuket Town from Crab Curry to Hokkein Noodles

2019-03-01T11:41:05+07:00By |

Phuket dishes to try in Phuket Town range from khanom jeen, fresh fermented rice noodles doused with rich curries and served with fragrant herbs and crisp greens, to bowls of Hokkein noodles with plump Phuket prawns and succulent pork. Our first trip to Phuket as travel writers was in 2007 to update restaurants and hotels [...]

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