Price Check: What Things Cost Around the World

2018-11-26T16:21:29+07:00By |

Aimed at helping travellers staying in holiday rentals and settling into a place for a while, Price Check is a series of posts in which we reported every two weeks on the prices of groceries (no, not only beer) at each destination we stayed on our yearlong grand tour. This post is a comparison of [...]

Tasting Whisky in Edinburgh

2018-05-10T13:37:22+07:00By |

We have a confession: we are not whisky drinkers. But as malt whisky is Scotland’s national drink, in keeping with our mission of immersing ourselves in the culture of the places we visit, tasting whisky in Edinburgh was essential. As we don't do things by halves, we put three whisky tasting experiences to the test. [...]

Weekend Oats: Savouring Porridge in Scotland

2018-11-26T11:00:56+07:00By |

There’s no dish that reminds me more of my childhood than porridge. This humble and much-maligned breakfast of oats, soaked and cooked in milk or water, was a winter favourite for my family growing up in Australia. While we had no ties to Scotland, where porridge is probably the country's most quintessential dish after haggis, [...]

Lunch in The Kitchin with Tom Kitchin: From Nature to Plate

2015-12-19T13:39:40+07:00By |

When we asked for suggestions as to who would be the best chef in Edinburgh to talk to about new Scottish cuisine and local produce one name kept popping up – Tom Kitchin. Tom runs his Michelin-starred restaurant, The Kitchin, in waterside Leith with his wife, Michaela, and he has an enviable resume. Tom cooked at Pierre Koffmann’s restaurant [...]

Cullen Skink, Venison loin, Scottish Dinner Party

2019-06-13T15:17:15+07:00By |

When I put out a call on Twitter for ideas as to what I should make in Edinburgh for my series The Dish, about the quintessential dishes of the places we visit, Scottish chef Gary Robinson (former personal chef to Prince Charles and former chef of Mezzanine, one of our favourite restaurants in Dubai) suggested that I [...]

Local Produce: Edinburgh Farmer’s Market & Specialty Shops

2018-11-26T19:59:48+07:00By |

We must admit that we were pretty spoilt for good local produce to cook on our stay-at-home nights in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. When we checked into our elegant apartment the owner told us there were a few speciality food shops worth visiting in our neighbourhood, as well as a Farmer’s Market held beneath Edinburgh Castle every [...]

Sustainable Shopping: Guide to Stockbridge Charity Stores Edinburgh

2018-05-11T11:35:33+07:00By |

The first time we strolled down Stockbridge’s high street, we couldn’t help but notice the abundance of charity shops. There are literally dozens of the things. Here's our guide to Stockbridge charity stores. And these are no dusty old stores crammed to the rafters with junk either. They’re smart, and sometimes chic, shops, some with polished [...]

Whisky, Haggis and Storytelling at a Burns Supper in Edinburgh

2018-02-04T19:20:15+07:00By |

Our stay in Edinburgh coincided with the birthday of Scotland’s beloved poet Robert Burns on 25 January. On Robert Burns Day – also known as Robbie Burns Day and Burns Night – Burns Suppers are held everywhere. That we had to experience a Burns Supper was without question. Which supper we went to was the issue. A celebration [...]

A Local Guide to Eating and Drinking in Edinburgh

2018-11-26T14:20:59+07:00By |

To get the lowdown on the foodie scene in Edinburgh, we consult Donald Reid, the eating and drinking editor of The List, the city’s homegrown version of Time Out magazine, over whisky at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Here's his guide to eating and drinking in Edinburgh. A Local Guide to Eating and Drinking in Edinburgh [...]

Walking Edinburgh: from the Water of Leith to the Royal Mile

2015-01-25T18:23:05+07:00By |

From our elegant holiday rental in Edinburgh on St. Bernard’s Crescent in Stockbridge, it’s just a couple of minute’s stroll to the romantic Water of Leith and a picturesque walking path that runs by the waterway. Downstream – you have to take the stairs down to the path by the charming corner tower building that [...]

Local Knowledge: Owen from Edinburgh

2015-01-25T18:15:38+07:00By |

We’ve resisted using mainstream guidebooks on our grand tour this year, choosing instead to rely on local people for advice. However, wherever possible we’ve sought out local guidebooks written by residents of the places we’ve visited. In Venice, we used the illustrated My Local Guide to Venice, and in New York City we used the [...]

An Edinburgh Shopping List

2018-11-26T11:00:55+07:00By |

When we arrived at our 'home away from home' in Edinburgh, we soon found there were enough supplies in the fridge and in the cupboards to delay our usual initial shopping trip until our second day in Stockbridge. The next day, as we wandered around the handsome village, we noted a number of wonderful specialty [...]

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