A Sweet Spice Tour to Villa Vanilla

2018-05-06T12:35:54+07:00By |

As we stroll across the lush lawns of the Villa Vanilla Spice Plantation, just 10 miles east of Manuel Antonio, we see various spices hanging out to dry and we inhale the heady aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa. Aaahhh. Our lovely local guide leads us into the weathered old wooden house where she presents [...]

Manuel Antonio National Park – A Walk in Our Backyard

2018-05-12T12:10:08+07:00By |

One of the first things we do when we arrive at a new destination and move into our ‘home’ is to explore our surrounding neighbourhood. As our latest ‘home away from home’ is in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, it made sense to begin exploring our own backyard, the Manuel Antonio National Park. And what an [...]

Price Check: a Costa Rica Shopping List

2018-11-26T19:23:12+07:00By |

Nowhere on this trip has staying in a holiday rental instead of a hotel and cooking in made more sense to us than in Costa Rica and specifically our latest ‘home’, Manuel Antonio. Aside from the fact that very few of the dozens of hotels here claiming to be on the beach (and have ‘beach’ [...]

Our Costa Rica Holiday House

2017-09-17T16:31:43+07:00By |

“Your house is very big!” our driver said with a grin from ear to ear, as he unloaded our bags in the rain, and the gigantic wooden door swung open and Susan, the friendly tanned concierge came out to greet us at our first Costa Rica holiday house. Despite the driver's warning, we didn’t quite understand [...]

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