Price Check: What Things Cost Around the World

2018-11-26T16:21:29+07:00By |

Aimed at helping travellers staying in holiday rentals and settling into a place for a while, Price Check is a series of posts in which we reported every two weeks on the prices of groceries (no, not only beer) at each destination we stayed on our yearlong grand tour. This post is a comparison of [...]

Romantic Travel: Getting In the Mood for Romance

2015-08-25T12:48:00+07:00By |

As it’s Valentines Day, we thought we’d offer some romantic travel ideas and tips from our grand tour for getting in the mood for romance. It may be too late to get on a flight to Marrakech or book a beach house in Costa Rica, but there’s nothing stopping you from cooking your special someone a [...]

The Art of Doing Nothing

2018-11-26T11:00:50+07:00By |

There’s no shortage of things to do in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. We’ve been wildlife-spotting on a walk through Manuel Antonio National Park, we’ve hiked in the forest for a spot of bird watching, we’ve strolled around a spice plantation, we’ve cruised through mangrove swamps, and Terence has dug his feet into the wax of [...]

Cruising the Mangroves of the Pacific Coast Costa Rica

2018-05-06T12:35:13+07:00By |

We’d gone wildlife spotting in the Manuel Antonio National Park and bird watching in the forest at El Silencio nature reserve, so the next logical thing to do seemed to be to get on the water and check out the wildlife from a boat, cruising the mangroves of the Pacific Coast Costa Rica. One of [...]

Gallo Pinto Recipe from Costa Rica

2019-08-25T16:39:40+07:00By |

I’m not going to fib. The only negative things we heard about Costa Rica before our visit to the country were about a subject close to our hearts: the food. One Mexican chef we met who’d lived in Costa Rica for a long time said we’d love everything about Costa Rica. “What about the food,” [...]

Birdwatching in Costa Rica — In Search of the Scarlet Macaws

2018-05-11T18:11:41+07:00By |

Birdwatching in Costa Rica is a must-do experience, even if you're not a twitcher or birder. There's such an abundance of beautiful birds and with good guides they're not hard to see. And that's how we found ourselves on a birdwatching adventure in search of the Scarlet Macaws. Birdwatching in Costa Rica — In Search of [...]

Local Knowledge: Ivan from Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

2015-10-23T13:09:08+07:00By |

The Pacific coast town of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica is hot and humid. Stand still long enough here and you’ll see mould appearing on your body. The locals, however, have standing still down to an art. Languid and laid-back, Costa Ricans take their time with everything. It’s common sense when just the act of waxing [...]

Learning to Surf in Costa Rica

2018-05-28T09:25:08+07:00By |

It’s been a long day learning to surf in Costa Rica. I can barely lift my arms above my shoulders. My knees are red raw. As are my ribs. My back feels like I’ve been bent over breaking rocks with a chain gang. I can taste salt and I still have sand in my hair. [...]

Monkey Business — Our Friends in Manuel Antonio

2015-08-01T17:47:36+07:00By |

How open to the elements were the holiday rental properties we stayed in at Manuel Antonio? Susan, our brilliant concierge suggested we leave a light on at night on each floor of Casa Elsa “so the bats don’t think it’s a cave”. She wasn’t joking. At the second property, The Beach House, there was a cute [...]

Our Home Away from Home in Costa Rica #2

2018-11-25T17:28:39+07:00By |

Our second home away from home in Costa Rica is called The Beach House. Now, there are plenty of resorts in this neck of the jungle that attach the name ‘beach’ to their title as often as they do ‘spa’. Some may well have a spa, but most are generally not on the beach. The Beach House couldn’t [...]

Planting Trees to Save the Titi Monkeys

2015-12-03T15:59:09+07:00By |

Stay at Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, for a week and you’ll never again complain how hard it can sometimes be to meet locals when you travel. We had visitors casually dropping in daily at Casa Elsa – families of friendly, white-faced Capuchin monkeys. One day we also had a group of the cutest Mono Titi or [...]

Soft-centred Chocolate Cake Recipe

2019-08-21T19:22:37+07:00By |

Our visit to the Villa Vanilla spice farm was very inspirational. Seeing fresh vanilla and cocoa beans was a treat. Seeing the flowers that lead to the formation of a cacao pod and seeing the cocoa beans out drying in the sun was amazing. It was so inspirational that instead of writing about a quintessential [...]

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