I know we’ve told you before, but we really love Hoi An on Vietnam‘s central coast. And now we’re dreaming of dancing boats after I put together this sunset timelapse in Hoi An that I shot when we were living there last year for three months.

Hoi An is often dismissed as merely a tourist town by people who pass through quickly, only spending a few days. However, when you live in a place for a few months or more, you get to scratch beneath the surface, peeling back a place’s many layers, and discovering different sides of those cities and towns.

That’s what happened in Hoi An — we’re not just smitten with the jaw-dropping beauty of the town. As a result, Hoi An is our most favourite little town in Vietnam, if not Southeast Asia.

As a photographer, the joy experienced hitting the Hoi An streets every morning and afternoon to make photographs is just irresistible. I was addicted and found myself doing it again and again each day.

My favourite time to photograph there (like most places) was the late afternoon — the magic hour — and on a good day the light was so luminous it was breathtaking. I couldn’t help but try to make a sunset time-lapse in Hoi An.

We have a lot of stories and images on Hoi An that haven’t been published here on Grantourismo as we need to wait until our commissions appear in print. You can expect to see a couple of stories on the cuisine of Hoi An in Feast magazine and The Guardian newspaper soon, we hope. Once they’re out, we’ll be able to share more stories with you here, and hopefully have a chance to post some articles very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy what I saw every afternoon for three months here — no wonder we never wanted to leave!

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