We thought we’d share some snapshots with you taken in Paris the other day. Spring has hit Paris with a blast of welcome sunshine — and there’s nothing like Paris on a spring afternoon.

The Parisians we’ve been meeting have all been saying this was one of the longest winter seasons they can remember in a very long time – which is why yesterday the whole of Paris seemed to be out on the streets embracing the balmy weather and welcoming the warmer months to come. So we thought we’d join them!

One of the best things about an afternoon amble in Paris is all the entertainment that’s around on the streets – and it’s all free. All you need to do to be amused in the city on a day like this is to just take a stroll. It’s as simple as that.

All of these photos were taken in the space of a couple of hours, during which time we slowly sauntered the lovely gardens of the Palais Royal with the locals, watched some go-for-broke inline skating, and spent some time listening to an excellent young orchestra having more fun playing in the sunshine than they would in a concert hall!

Spring is the best time to be in Paris as far as we’re concerned. And we haven’t mentioned the fact that there’s still great oysters and the fresh asparagus is starting to hit the markets…

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