These decadent Mexican chocolates and sweets don’t have the spice of the snacks I covered in my previous posts on edible souvenirs, Spicy Snacks and Supermarket Souvenirs, but they’re easily as scrumptious.

The Aztecs grew cacao beans, which they fermented, roasted, and ground to make a bitter drink that was popular throughout Central America. Christopher Columbus took the beans back to Spain and Spanish missionaries returning to Europe introduced it more widely there.

These days the Mexicans use chocolate in some of their mole sauces (not all moles, that’s a myth), drink hot chocolate, and make some delicious chocolate sweets, so naturally I had to ‘research’ some local chocolates for you…

These are some of the ones I tested that I suggest you try:
* Las Sevillanas Obleas con Cajeta de Leche de Cabra – scrummy wafers with a caramel-like goat milk paste that is like Argentina’s dulce de leche.
* Choco Mazapan dulce de cacahuate estilo Mazapan cubiuerto con savor – these chocolate-coated discs of marzipan contain fine peanuts and have a slightly chewy nougat texture.
* Mexican Cacao by Turin Master Chocolatier – this dark bittersweet chocolate can be used for cooking or making drinking chocolate.
* Jose Cuervo Especial chocolates con Tequila Cuervo – if you love liqueur-filled chocolates you’ll love these Tequila Cuervo-filled chocolates. They have a real kick to them!
* Moctezuma Chocolate – another divine bittersweet chocolate that is delicious made into a hot drinking chocolate.
* Chocolate con leche relleno con Rompope Santa Clara – another sweet heady liqueur chocolate – this one with almost 2% of alcohol!

Got any favourite Mexican chocolates or other sweets you love? We’d love to know what they are!

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