Mouthwatering Melbourne – A Video Taste of the Melbourne Food Scene. Vue de Monde, Melbourne, Victoria. Copyright © 2022 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.

Mouthwatering Melbourne, A Taste of the Melbourne Food Scene

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We recently spent 12 days in Melbourne, Australia, on assignment for an Asian travel magazine, getting a taste of the city’s food scene for a story we called ‘Mouthwatering Melbourne’. I took 4,712 images over that time there.

Mouthwatering Melbourne, A Taste of the Melbourne Food Scene

Because of the tight schedule we were on, one of my goals was to shoot everything in natural light, so no flash or lights. With a lot of these shoots, we literally had an hour to shoot the restaurant, the food and the chef. That is a tight schedule.

I decided to put the images together in a little time-lapse video, just to give you an idea as to how we work, as well as get those taste-buds tantalised and give you a sample of Melbourne’s fantastic food scene.

If you’ve seen our other posts on this trip to Melbourne, you’ll know that the Melbourne food scene is in an amazing place right now. From contemporary Aussie cuisine, French-based cuisine and lots of new Asian restaurants, the city is buzzing.

All photos in this time-lapse video are straight from the camera. Watch it full-screen in HD with a glass of wine!

Mouthwatering Melbourne Video


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Terence Carter is an editorial food and travel photographer and infrequent travel writer with a love of photographing people, places and plates of food. After living in the Middle East for a dozen years, he settled in South-East Asia a dozen years ago with his wife, travel and food writer and sometime magazine editor Lara Dunston.

17 thoughts on “Mouthwatering Melbourne, A Taste of the Melbourne Food Scene”

  1. Oops, sorry Fiona. No, actually that was the intention…
    It’s a great eating city, isn’t it?

  2. My fiance and i are going into melbourne next weekend for a romantic food and wine weekend get away. This is so perfect. Certainly gives me some ideas. I doubt i’ll manage every place, but there is certainly many that caught my eye.
    Thankyou for this awesome vid.

  3. Hi Terence and Lara, great video. Next time you are in town come and say hello to us at Golden Fields, cheers Jeff

  4. Thanks Jeff,
    Saw the coverage of the restaurant, looks fantastic – just didn’t have time to fit it in.
    You’re on our list for next time ;)

  5. Hi Joanna – Melbourne easily has some of the world’s best eating. Sydney does too. We’ve had more consistently great restaurant experiences here than in any other city in the world. And at the top end, there’s highly creative food being plated up based on the finest produce.

    Thanks for RTing our little time-lapse on Twitter :)

  6. The food does look delicious, is it because it actually is or because photos are great? ;) Loved how you organized the video!

  7. Thanks, Angela! The food in Melbourne has been amazing – some of the most extraordinary food we’ve ever eaten in our lives – but, yes, Terence’s photography is pretty amazing too :)

  8. I have been checking out some of your stories and i can state nice stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.

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