The markets and shops of Mexico are crammed with colourful keepsakes. After all the research I did for you in Mexico City on folk art and handicrafts and stationery souvenirs, I couldn’t move on empty-handed. Here are some practical souvenir ideas from my purchases.

Unfortunately, being on the road full-time, literally living out of our Samsonites, means I can’t purchase as many take-homes on our travels as I have in the past and I have be very selective.

When I do buy keepsakes they need to be things I can actually use on the road or give as gifts for family and friends. Here are some practical souvenir ideas for your next trip from my own Mexico take-homes:

  • Vibrant shoulder bag — I’m using this colourful woven bag every day and I love it. I bought it from an indigenous woman selling crafts on the street near the San Angel markets. I try to avoid using plastic bags when we go shopping so it will be great for buying a few groceries or picking up some snacks from a food market.
  • Striped linen napkins — we can use these on picnics or for the casual dinner parties we like to hold in the holiday rentals we’re staying in around the world this year. They come in a range of colour combos. You can find them at the Museo de Arte Popular (MAP; Museum Popular Art) gift shop.
  • Jewellery box — this pretty painted metal box is actually from Oaxaca not Mexico City, but I bought it from the MAP shop and it’s perfect for holding earrings and rings, which I am constantly misplacing when we’re on the road.
  • Kitsch mirrors — these petite make-up mirrors feature pop culture icons such as Frida Kahlo and the Lucha Libre stars on their covers and I just love them. They don’t take up any room in the handbag and always come in handy. I bought mine at the markets at San Angel, but they were actually slightly cheaper at the MAP store.
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