An afternoon timelapse video of Kotor, Montenegro. Copyright © 2022 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.

A Kotor timelapse video. An afternoon in Kotor, Montenegro

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This Kotor timelapse video of afternoon into evening in this UNESCO-heritage-listed town shows you what out afternoon view was like from our holiday rental from the the opposite side of the bay at Muo. This alone made it worth staying on this side of Kotor’s old urban centre – Stari Grad.

It took a couple of tests to get the right light on the right day for this video as there was sometimes low cloud and high winds that almost blew my tripod over on several occasions!

On this magical afternoon it was shot between 17:46pm and 21:13pm with a photo taken every 20 seconds. This is an afternoon to evening time lapse looking across to the heritage-listed old town. The lights you can see on the hill follow the contours of the old city wall. This wall dates back to medieval times, built on and off between the 9th and 19th centuries, and built by everyone from the Byzantines to the Venetians.

You can read more about the Tvrđave Kotora or the Castle of San Giovanni or Castle of St John castle of Kotor in this post.

Climbing up to Kotor’s Castle Of San Giovanni in Montenegro is best attempted after strolling Kotor’s Stari Grad, which should provide enough of a warm up for a walk up to Tvrđave Kotora or the Castle of St John. Expect stupendous vistas of the fjord and a fabulous birds-eye-view of the Old Town of Kotor, Montenegro.

Kotor Montenegro Sunset Timelapse


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13 thoughts on “A Kotor timelapse video. An afternoon in Kotor, Montenegro”

  1. I love how that mountain road appears after dusk! And how it looks like a shark jaw with its reflection!

  2. Gorgeous! I love how the smoke comes out of the chimney stacks and the lights snake up the mountain.

  3. Okay. And here I thought the first version was spectacular. This one is seriously spectacular. Simply wonderful.

  4. Thanks, Amer! Much appreciated. There are a bunch of other time-lapses on here too, in Venice and Cape Town and I can’t remember where else… click on the Vimeo link… we spent a year staying in holiday rentals for our HomeAwayUK-sponsored Grand Tour last year (until Feb this year) and most of them were shot from the balconies or windows of our holiday rentals. Terry has a lot of patience, you’re right. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. wow..this is an amazing time lapse video. Loved it! the scenery is spectacular. I’m assuming this was taken from your hotel room? If not, then you have a lot of patience! Also loved the Burj Khalifa time lapse. Keep going and I’ll keep coming!

  6. This is beautiful! I was in Budva in Montenegro but didn’t have time to make it to Kotor – just went through it on a bus! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I absolutely love this footage! I did a day trip to Kotor from Budva several years ago and thought the place was pretty amazing. There’s some great hiking to be had up by the city walls; certainly makes it worth the trip. Thanks for bringing back some great memories from Montenegro!

  8. Thanks, the hike up the city walls must be done! However we did have to wait until nearly the end of our stay to get the perfect weather for it. It’s a beautiful place.

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