Our Grantourismo shop on Society6 is our new one-stop-shop where you can browse and buy our photography – prints, framed and un-framed, small and large, canvases and posters – and cool products created from the images, including tote bags, pouches, travel mugs, iPhone and Laptop cases, notebooks, coasters, coffee mags, canvas fold-up stools, floor cushions, and more.

Our Grantourismo shop on Society6 is our new online shop where you can browse Terence’s beautiful food and travel photography – prints in various sizes, framed and un-framed, canvases, posters, and metal and wood wall art – as well as loads of cool products that we’re creating there from Terence’s images. From time to time we’ll curate selections here on Grantourismo, such as these suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for food lovers and these reusable cloth face masks you’ll actually want to wear.

Every purchase you make on our Grantourismo shop on Society6 helps support us and our work. Like so many freelance writers and photographers, particularly those working in travel and food – two industries particularly hard-hit by the pandemic – we lost all clients, projects and income in March when the world shutdown, while this site lost valuable affiliate commissions.

Whether you’re a new Grantourismo reader and you’ve loved a recipe or found an itinerary helpful or you’ve been reading Grantourismo for years and regularly drop by for travel inspiration, information on destinations, and you’d love us to continue to do what we do here, then please consider purchasing something from our Grantourismo shop.

We hope that sales from the Grantourismo shop will not only provide income to support the work we do to create inspiring travel and food content for Grantourismo, we also hope it will contribute funds to our epic, original, first-of-its-kind Cambodia Culinary History and Cookbook project on Patreon. We soon need to do more research trips around Cambodia for that book and we’re hoping this online store will provide income to help finance that travel.

Please do browse our shop and if you are not in a position to purchase, please share the link to our shop with your family, friends and colleagues. More information below.

Grantourismo Shop on Society6 – Buy Our Images and Products to Support Our Work

If you haven’t visited Society6 before, it’s a fabulous shopping site that was created by artists for artists and it features art, photography, prints, and products by over 300,000+ independent artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers from more than 160 countries.

More about Society6 below, but we thought we’d provide some quick tips to using the shop, let you know what our plans are, and also provide answers to a few questions we’ve already had.

What are you selling in your Grantourismo Shop?

Products in our Grantourismo shop on Society6 include iPhone and laptop cases and skins, wall clocks, notebooks, tote bags, and carry pouches. There are coffee mugs for home, travel mugs for when you’re on the road, and can coolers for barbecues and picnics. For entertaining, we have serving trays and coasters, and there’s a very cool fold-up stool for picnics, camping or the beach, along with bar stools and side tables. In the home décor department, there are scatter cushions, pillows, floor cushions, and shower curtains. We also have masks!

We’re adding different series of images to our Grantourismo shop, which essentially form themed collections. I especially love the first collection that Terence has created – a combination of black and white and colour images of Cambodian food. The black and white photos include a woman making sugar palm ‘candy’ and another making ‘nom krok (coconut puddings), as well as a series of graphic pics featuring dried fish, smoked fish, dried squid and coconut palms, and some countryside images.

We’re going to add more to this series in the hope that those of you who don’t want to become patrons of our epic Cambodia Culinary History and Cookbook project on Patreon but still want to support the book will buy some of these products instead.

I’m at your Grantourismo Shop but where do I start?

We’d love you to start your Society6 shopping at our Grantourismo online store and once you arrive, please ‘follow us’ there. You could simply start browsing our products, but so far we have 4 pages, 13 designs, and some 135 products, and we’ll be adding more all the time.

So perhaps click top left under ‘Grantourismo’s Store’ on each of ‘popular’, ‘new’ and ‘random’ to get a quick overview of what’s there. At the moment you’ll see most of our Chilli Peppers products, which have so far proven to be the most popular.

How do I find something I’m particularly looking for?

Once at our Grantourismo Shop, if you’re looking for a new iPhone skin or Laptop case, for instance, beneath ‘Grantourismo’s Store’ which I just described, above, you’ll see ‘Departments’ for Wall Art, Furniture, Home Décor, Bed & Bath, Tabletop, Office, Tech, Apparel & Bags, and Ourdoor & Lifestyle. Click on ‘Tech’ for laptop and phone cases/skins.

Click on ‘Wall Art’ for Terence’s food and travel photography from all our collections in the form of art prints, framed and unframed, in various sizes and forms, such as posters, canvases, and wood wall art. Under ‘Furniture’, you’ll find those groovy stools and tables I mentioned.

In ‘Home Décor’ we’ve got fun wall clocks (like this Street Food Chinatown clock and Palm Trees Clock), cushions, pillows and floor pillows, as well as wallpaper. We’re just testing the Palm Trees pattern for now, but let us know if any other patterns interest. Same goes for ‘Bed & Bath’ where you’ll find palm trees on a shower curtain and bath mat.

In the ‘Tabletop’ department you’ll find coffee mugs, travel mugs, coasters, and serving trays and cutting boards. In the ‘Office’ department we only have notebooks for now but do let us know if you want us to add anything else. Maybe stationery cards and wrapping paper – what do you think? In ‘Tech’ we’ve only added for laptop and iPhone cases and skins but let us know if you have a Galaxy and we can add a product in whatever pattern or image you wish.

Under ‘Apparel & Bags’, you’ll find the cool tote bags I love so much, as well as carry-all pouches – those are two of the most popular products – along with masks. We added a ‘fanny pack’ in the Palm Trees pattern, which seemed very fitting if you’re heading off on a beach holiday. In the ‘Outdoor & Lifestyle’ department, you’ll see those cool folding stools and can coolers, but there are more Society 6 products we’ll add. Just let us know if there’s anything that interests you and we’ll add it.

What If I Love an Image I’ve Seen on Grantourismo But Can’t Find It On a Product I Love?

Just let us know what image you want us to add to our Grantourismo Shop on Society6 and we’ll let you know if we can create a product from it. In addition to the framed prints, we’ve chosen products that we think will speak to our food- and travel-loving readers – tote bags, carry pouches, travel mugs, iPhone and Laptop cases, notebooks, coasters, coffee mags, canvas fold-up stools, floor cushions, wall clocks, serving trays, you name it. But if you see something different you love let us know and we’ll add it to a collection.

We’d love to offer every image on our Grantourismo Shop on Society6 in every product if we could, but it’s time-consuming so we have to be selective until we know what it is that you want to buy. If you want to purchase a particular image in a specific product, we’re very happy to produce it for you. Sometimes certain images might not work due to the image size or design, but please do let us know what you want and we can try it.

Is the Society6 site secure?

Since we started promoting our new Grantourismo Shop on Society6, people have asked if Society6 is safe and secure. We understand that a lot of people are reluctant to use their credit card to buy online these days, but we thoroughly researched online shopping sites before we decided to try Society6 to sell Terence’s photography and products created from his images.

Society6 is a well-established, decade-old, online shopping site that was created by artists for artists. The site features art, photography, prints, and products by over 300,000+ independent artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers from more than 160 countries, so we don’t think you have anything to worry about, but you can read more about Society6 here.

If you have any questions about our Grantourismo Shop on Society6, please leave them in the Comments below and we’ll answer you there and add the Q&A to this post if we think it will be helpful to everyone.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Lara & Terence

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