The posts feature recipes that we have gathered and created during our travels, including recipes from The Dish and Weekend Eggs posts.

Tropical Eton Mess Recipe with Mango, Passionfruit and Dragonfruit

2018-05-16T22:49:37+07:00By |

Eton Mess recipe with mango, passionfruit and dragonfruit makes a tropical version of the traditional English dessert of broken meringue, fresh strawberries and whipped double cream – and makes use of the end of season mangoes. My Eton Mess recipe with mango, passionfruit and dragonfruit is simply a tropical take on this classic British dessert …

Soto Ayam Recipe for Yogyakarta’s Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup

2018-05-06T02:43:50+07:00By |

My soto ayam recipe for the beloved Indonesian chicken noodle soup is based on the aromatic breakfast noodle soup we became smitten with on our last day in Yogyakarta, Java. Found across Indonesia’s archipelago, each island, region, city, town, village, and cook has their own take on this recipe. Soto ayam is chicken soup. 'Soto' …

22 Best Egg Recipes for Breakfast for Dinner, Supper and Lunch

2018-07-11T18:24:21+07:00By |

Our best egg recipes were concocted for breakfast and brunch in kitchens around the world for our Weekend Eggs series. As Easter is ending, we still have eggs on our minds, and the breakfast for dinner trend isn't going anywhere, I thought it time to re-present our best egg recipes as dinner, supper and lunch …

Ragu alla Bolognese Recipe – How to Make a Traditional Bolognese Sauce

2018-11-27T20:43:51+07:00By |

This Ragu alla Bolognese recipe is based on the traditional recipe for this classic meat sauce from Bologna, Italy, used for both pasta and lasagne. Follow my exacting ingredient list and cooking directions and the result will be a perfect ragù alla Bolognese. This Ragu alla Bolognese recipe – or more correctly ragù alla Bolognese – …

Singapore Laksa Recipe – How to Make a Spicy Coconut Curry Noodle Soup

2018-06-10T22:33:40+07:00By |

This Singapore laksa recipe is the rich coconut milk-laced version of this Southeast Asian classic noodle soup dish. A great laksa is not made starting from a jar of paste, a great laksa starts with curry paste made from scratch in a mortar and pestle – like my version below. I've been making this Singapore laksa …

Chili Con Carne and Cheese Quesadillas Recipe

2018-02-11T12:57:31+07:00By |

This chili con carne and cheese quesadillas recipe could not be simpler. You’ve done all the hard work making the chili con carne and, hopefully, our red tomato salsa recipe. This is a great lunchtime recipe that is perfect for using that leftover chili con carne from the night before – with the bonus that the …

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