These posts cover festivals and events we experience during our trip.

Best Food Experiences in Australia – Most Delicious Tastes Down Under

2019-03-08T19:23:47+07:00By |

Best food experiences in Australia include everything from feasting on fish and chips by the beach and eating your way through Chinatown in Sydney and Melbourne to degustation menus at Australia's finest restaurants and meat pies with mushy peas at historic pubs. Australia is one of the world’s great culinary destinations. Beautiful fresh local produce, talented chefs [...]

Great Barrier Feast at qualia on Hamilton Island with Chef Dan Hunter

2019-01-27T15:47:58+07:00By |

A highlight of our time back home in Australia was getting to gourmet foodie weekend Great Barrier Feast at qualia on Hamilton Island for master-classes and meals with Chef Dan Hunter, formerly of The Royal Mail, now running his own restaurant, Brae. Held periodically throughout the year on this tropical Queensland island in the Whitsundays group of 74 [...]

Celebrating Songkran in Thailand – A Big Water Fight and Buddhist Festival

2018-12-17T17:23:06+07:00By |

Celebrating Songkran in Thailand means getting absolutely soaked. The traditional Theravāda Buddhist festival to mark Thai New Year has turned into one big water fight over the years. While you can still visit pagodas to observe rituals, you'll still need to prepared to get drenched. Celebrating Songkran in Thailand is fun for some, a nightmare for [...]

Ramadan Around The World — Our Guide to Travelling During Ramadan

2018-06-25T20:52:21+07:00By |

Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, will begin soon so we thought we’d provide a little guide to Ramadan and the experience of Ramadan around the world for those of you travelling in Islamic countries during the period. Ramadan Around The World — Our Guide to Travelling During Ramadan Ramadan around the world is observed in diverse ways [...]

Enjoying the Campsie Food Festival, Sydney

2019-01-29T13:23:47+07:00By |

If further proof than Haymarket's Chinatown or ‘Little Asia’ was needed to attest to Sydney’s multiculturalism and reign as an ethnic foodie capital, Campsie Food Festival offered it. I hadn’t been to Campsie in many years and when I was last there it was for a long lunch at the family home of a Sicilian friend. [...]

Vivid Sydney, a Festival of Light, Music and Ideas

2019-01-29T13:26:46+07:00By |

Vivid Sydney was never a more appropriate name for a festival. A festival of light, music and ideas, Vivid Sydney sees the city’s already dazzling waterfront area spectacularly illuminated by lighting projections and installations while creative events around Sydney light up minds. UPDATE May 2016. Vivid Sydney is on once again, from 27 May to 18 June [...]

Sydney in Winter, Timelapse of a City We Love

2018-11-26T16:40:43+07:00By |

My memories of Sydney in winter are clear crisp days, a sparkling harbour, offshore winds, cobalt blue seas with pulsing waves, and the sun just strong enough to warm you after a surf as you close your eyes and soak up the rays. Just as architect Jørn Utzon noted when he first toured the site [...]

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2012’s Theatre of Ideas and Chef Jam

2019-01-28T12:43:23+07:00By |

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2012's Theatre of Ideas and Chef Jam provided an opportunity to hear some of the world's best chefs speak on everything from their early inspirations to "searching for a special moment on a plate". It gave us a chance to chat to some of the finest chefs in the world about Australian cuisine. I [...]

Azabu Yukimura in Melbourne — Michelin-Starred Kaiseki Shines in Australia

2019-01-28T12:53:24+07:00By |

Not too many foodies were surprised when the Michelin Guide went to Japan and handed out more three-stars to Japanese restaurants than they do in France. While France’s cuisine has been stagnant the last few years, Japan’s status as a great dining destination has only improved. One of the recipients of the Guide’s highest accolade [...]

From Taste of Melbourne to Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

2019-01-28T12:50:16+07:00By |

From Taste of Melbourne to Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, I have to say that we ate and drank very well on our recent trip to the Victorian capital and city that many would argue is Australia's culinary capital, Melbourne. Like all good foodie cities, Melbourne, Australia, is home to a handful of delicious food festivals, [...]

Mouthwatering Melbourne, A Taste of the Melbourne Food Scene

2019-01-28T12:54:52+07:00By |

We recently spent 12 days in Melbourne, Australia, on assignment for an Asian travel magazine, getting a taste of the city's food scene for a story we called 'Mouthwatering Melbourne'. I took 4,712 images. Mouthwatering Melbourne, A Taste of the Melbourne Food Scene Because of the tight schedule we were on, one of my goals was to [...]

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