Customise a phone case to keep your travel memories alive – whether it’s your phone case or that of a loved one, photos from your travel adventures, family holiday snaps, an island wedding or overseas honeymoon, or your first round-the-world trip.

Who knew you could customise a phone case to keep your travel memories alive – and not just your smart phone case, but also your iPad or tablet, reusable travel cup, coffee mug, or t-shirt? Not me and now I know I can create my own phone case cover I’m completely hooked.

In the days before we became travel writers and used to have proper homes and regular jobs with work stations and desks in offices, we also used to have cork boards on our walls where we pinned photos and other precious mementoes from our holidays – postcards, Polaroids, ticket stubs, coasters, and the like.

Those treasured souvenirs would spark memories of our travels and trigger some reminiscing of the most memorable moments from our trips – whether it was an unforgettable street food meal, an enlightening conversation with young monks at Angkor Wat, or a wander through a ‘fragrant’ fermented fish market.

These days you can store your precious memories on digital albums, social media accounts and personal travel blogs on your laptop, iPad or mobile phone – or you could literally put them on your smart phone, tablet, or even a coffee mug or travel cup so you can continually be reminded of your travels throughout the day.

Could there be a better way to escape the drudgery of a boring job or the monotony of routine day, or to remind you that you are working to save for that next big trip? What better motivation could there be than a custom phone case plastered with an inspirational image from your last holiday?

Customise A Phone Case to Keep Your Travel Memories Alive

A custom smart phone case, tablet or iPad cover, coffee mug or t-shirt featuring a memorable moment from a family holiday, overseas wedding, a girls’ getaway, special birthday trip, or an extended family reunion also makes a fantastic gift for the loved ones who you shared your travel adventure with… and Christmas is not all that far away.

So when the lovely people at GoCustomized – a cool young start-up that ships globally – contacted us recently to invite us to customise a phone case (or whatever product we wished), to test out their service, we jumped at the chance.

Or rather, I jumped at the chance, and then I asked Terence to design some cool custom smart phone cases with images of mouth-watering Cambodian street food, colourful Siem Reap markets, and perhaps a shot of Angkor Wat temple and a monk or two.

As you can see from Terence’s customised iPhone cases above he well and truly met the brief – I absolutely love our custom cases and can’t wait for you to see them. I plan to give them away as gifts for a special campaign we’re launching soon. Watch this space!

So how do you make a phone case or tablet cover or even a coffee cup or t-shirt with a custom design or image? Well, let’s use a smart phone case as an example…

How to Customise a Smart Phone Case with a Travel Photo

First, go to the GoCustomized website.

You’ll immediately spot Find Your Device where you can choose from Phone Cases, Tablet Cases, Apparel and Accessories. We chose ‘Phone Cases’.

On the custom Phone Cases page, select the type of smart phone you want to design a case for – they have a huge range. You can scroll through the main images, but we recommend choosing your Brand from the left column, which lists: Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, BQ, Meizu, OnePlus, and Google.

We chose Apple, which took us to the Custom Phone Cases page. Once again, all the Apple products are displayed for you to see, but, again, we recommend going to the left column where, under Type Device you’ll see the iPhone products listed, beneath those you’ll see Case Types (tough, hard, soft, slim, wooden, wallet, flip, cork, and hardcase 3D), and beneath that, Type Printing (photo, logo, text, design, engraved).

Select your Type Device – we chose iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus, which took us to the product page, and once there we clicked on the product with the type of case we wanted.

And once there, you’ll see the product, the price, and how long it will take to ship if you order now. You then click Design Now.

You’re now at the Customizer where you can personalize a phone case by creating your custom design using an image. To add your photo, you upload it from your device or from your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Tips from Terence: “To customise a phone case so that it looks professional, you want to make sure that your photos have enough resolution and size for the type of case you’ve chosen. In my opinion, it’s better to choose an original photo you’ve taken and sized to be under 6MB, which is the upper limit of uploads per image. If it’s a graphic, such as a logo that you want printed, PNG or GIF is fine, if it’s a photograph, JPG is your best option.”

Once you have positioned and sized your photo over the case mock-up on the screen, you’re virtually ready to order. But note that there are other options, too. You can place multiple images on a grid, add backgrounds, and add text and other graphics to the case.

The options for tablet covers, t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies, or gadgets are similar, very straightforward, and all are easy to configure.

You can then Preview your design, and then Order, which will send it to your shopping basket. It’s that easy.

So easy in fact, that I’m going to select some more images for more products for giveaways for our special project. As I said: watch this space!

Have you used GoCustomized to customise a phone case or other product with your travel photos before? If you have, we’d love to hear your feedback in the Comments below.

Disclaimer: this post was sponsored by GoCustomised, however, we only partner with sponsors that produce products we love. We love these iPhone covers so much we will be using them to provide perks for an upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Stay tuned for that news.

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