The Buy Me a Coffee website is a platform that enables users to support creators by making donations to the value of a cup of coffee – or two, or three, or four, or five. We started a Buy Me a Coffee page at the request of readers who wanted to make donations but we’ve also added another element you might like.  

I’ve just launched a page on the Buy Me a Coffee website at the request of Grantourismo readers who have enjoyed our recipes and stories, and used our travel guides, itineraries, interviews, and accommodation and restaurant recommendations, and wanted an easy way to make donations to thank us for our content.

I’ve also introduced an additional interactive element that I hope will appeal to regular and new readers, social media followers and friends, and former food and travel clients and tour participants: if you ‘buy me a coffee’ you can use the comment to ask a question, and I’ll turn the answer into a post just for you.

It’s a win-win for all. You get to pick my brain about travel, food, writing, and photography (I will, in turn, pick Terence’s brain as far as the last subject goes); I get to create posts out of my answers to your questions; and hopefully that content will lure new travel and food lovers, and aspiring writers and photographers over to our page on the Buy Me a Coffee website

If you’d like to head over there right now, you’re welcome. If you’re a creator who would like to sign up to Buy Me a Coffee yourself, I encourage you to check out the Buy Me a Coffee website (we’re very happy so far), but if you’d like to learn more, by all means keep reading. (I should also point out if you click on the sign-up link, the nice people at BMaC will buy us a coffee.)

Buy Me A Coffee Website – A Place to Thank Us for Our Content or Ask a Question and We’ll Share Travel, Food, Writing and Photography Tips

More information about the Buy Me a Coffee website, below, along with answers to the frequently asked questions I’m anticipating. If you have a question, please leave it in the comments and I’ll answer it here.

What Is Buy Me a Coffee?

The Buy Me a Coffee website provides a secure platform that makes it super simple for people to support creators through donations or tips, which can be paid easily using PayPal or Stripe. Payments are virtually immediate, which is a big plus for the site, and fees are minimal.

How Do I Use the Platform?

You can click on a Buy Me a Coffee button on our site when you see one to just make a donation if you want to show your appreciation of our content here on Grantourismo or as a gesture of thanks you’d like to support us, our work and our other projects.

Or you can spend time on our page, browsing the posts I’ve so far published, including those that are my responses to questions you might have about food, travel, writing or photography. Then when you’re ready to ‘buy me a coffee’, you can use the Comment box to ask a question and respond in a post created for you.

Why Did You Join Buy Me a Coffee When You Have a Patreon Page?

We do have a Patreon page, which we set up for our Cambodia Cookbook and Culinary History, where patrons of that project can make monthly pledges and engage with us there about that project. We share project updates over there for our patrons and the income from that project has enabled us to pay our rent, giving us loads of time to spend doing research, writing, photography, and recipe testing for that book.

Our Patreon income has been invaluable to our very survival since the pandemic started, however, there are a few issues. Firstly, we haven’t been able to recruit enough patrons and in turn raise enough funds to live off, let alone fund the road trips we still need to do for that book, which include paying a driver and translator-cum-assistant, covering their expenses and our own, and paying fees to the cooks we’re featuring in the book.

We’re currently exploring other ways to bring in funds to replace the income we lost at the start of the pandemic, until we can get a cookbook contract, get freelance stories published in magazines and newspapers once again, and/or Grantourismo starts earning commissions as it did pre-pandemic. We thought we’d experiment with the Buy Me a Coffee website in the meantime.

The other issue is that readers who want to donate to thank us for Grantourismo content do not necessarily want to support a Cambodian cookbook project. They just want to extend their appreciation for the content on this website and they want to make a donation as easily as possible.

Lastly, unfortunately not everyone is comfortable inputting credit card details on a site, even a secure site. They simply prefer the ease of making a one-off donation with PayPal. And so far, that works for us!

What’s This Buy Me a Coffee Thing About In A Nutshell?

In the simplest terms: it’s an opportunity for us to bring in badly-needed income either by sharing our knowledge, expertise, advice, and inspiration or by receiving your donations for the existing content we create here with ease.

What If I Have More Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions. You can ask here in the Comments below or send us an email or you can head over to our page on the Buy Me a Coffee website (link above in the second paragraph) and ask us there. We hope to see you there!

We also hope that one day, when we’re back on our feet, we can buy you a coffee.

Lara x

P.S. If you would like to support us, but don’t want to join Patreon or use Buy Me a Coffee then click through to this post for more ways to support Grantourismo.

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