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Feb 23

A Year of Rhythm and Beats: Sounds and Music from a Grand Tour

I grew up in a family where everyone played at least two or three musical instruments. That’s not a boast. I had to listen to musical scales being played on piano every day during my childhood. For three hours. Every day. I placed my fingers in my ears while cello, violin and viola practice was taking …

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Nov 25

A Local Guide to the Cape Town Music Scene

We’d heard a lot about South African music before coming to Cape Town and were eager to experience as much of Cape Town music as we could, so much so that Terence even signed up for a drumming workshop! We were particularly keen to see some live music, especially jazz, but were surprised at how …

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Sep 01

Playlist: Camilo Lara, Mexican Institute Of Sound, Mexico City

Being the big music fans that we are, we knew that it would be sacrilegious to stay in New York’s East Village, and not take in some live music. After all, some of our favourite bands earned their live music credentials in Lower Manhattan. A few blocks away from our apartment, the Talking Heads, The Ramones and Blondie plied …

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Aug 13

Playlist: John Kunz, Owner of Waterloo Records, Austin

When I first hit my teens, music became everything to me. My local music shop was an old-fashioned one, with massive rows of records and an instrument section where kids would hang out and annoy everyone by playing wonky renditions of Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple or Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. …

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Apr 26

Playlist: Fanfan and Marco’s Paris Chanson Playlist

Some of us love songs for the lyrics, but sometimes, even when the language is our own, the lyrics are unintelligible yet still we’re smitten with the music – and, in the case of Fanfan et Marco, who we saw at Au Limonaire on Sunday night in Paris, the performance. The language of course was …

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