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These posts are about the local people we meet, with insider tips we gather from locals, Q&As with locals, as well as great local spots and hidden gems we discover.

Feb 18

A Guide to the Hanoi Art Scene

Artist Trinh Lien at Nguyen Art Gallery. Copyright 2014 terence Carter.

Most travellers visit Hanoi for the fantastic food. That was the main reason we went. After motorbikes, visitors to Vietnam’s capital find themselves dodging street food stalls. The footpaths are littered with locals perched on tiny plastic stools slurping pho, the legendary Vietnamese soup. Yet Hanoi’s contemporary art scene is doing well to compete for …

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Aug 10

A Local Guide to Sydney Architecture

The Sydney Opera House is Sydney’s most recognisable asset. Every time we return to Sydney and we see it, we’re home. The story behind the commissioning and construction of the Sydney Opera House is a narrative that leaves few participants with any honour in the creation of one of the world’s most recognisable structures. The …

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Jul 28

Local Knowledge: Richard from Sydney

Richard Graham is the kind of traveller we identify with. Since the age of five, Richard has travelled to at least one new country every year. Every year. Before starting his tour company, My Sydney Detour, Richard did a 14-month overland trip from Mexico down to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina in 2007–08, spending as …

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Jul 27

A Local Guide to Eating and Drinking in Sydney

This local guide to eating and drinking in Sydney comes from John Fink, a Sydney restaurateur we first encountered on Twitter when we were tweeting about our Melbourne restaurant experiences. Mr Fink tweeted something in response to the effect of “Come to Sydney! Sydney’s milk bars shit all over Melbourne’s restaurants!” Yes, Mr Fink AKA …

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May 03

Local Knowledge: Kenneth from Melbourne

In our latest edition of Local Knowledge from the Victorian capital, Kenneth from Melbourne shares his insider tips to experiencing Australia’s southern city. Melbourne local Kenneth Meow is a Hong Kong-born Australian who is impossible to describe in a nutshell. Kenneth is a restaurant owner, community supporter, volunteer, philanthropist, strategic advisor, social media consultant, and coffee lover. Phew. We first …

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