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These posts cover our experiences of entertaining in our holiday rentals during our travels.

Jan 25

Shaken Not Stirred: a Martini 101 or How To Order A Martini

Cocktails at Ms Wong, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

It’s Saturday evening here in Siem Reap and Lara and I are starting to think about cocktails. It’s too early for a martini so we’ll probably start with a negroni. This time last Saturday night we were heading out to a fancy hotel bar for cocktails with friends from Bangkok. I delayed my martini there …

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Jan 09

Pavlova in the Summertime and Other Childhood Food Memories

Pavlova with passionfruit and mango, a classic Australian (or New Zealand) dessert.

I successfully persuaded Terence to make pavlova over Christmas. It was partly because I love pavlova – meringue, cream and fresh fruit, it’s hard to go wrong with that – and partly for reasons of nostalgia. I have so many fond memories of my Nanna making pavlova in the summertime in Sydney, especially over the …

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Oct 01

Asian Food Etiquette – Eating, Drinking and Dining Etiquette

We all want to be welcomed when we travel – especially around the dinner table. Nobody wants to make social blunders when it comes to eating. Should we accept another glass of tea? Is it impolite to leave food on our plate? What should I do with these chopsticks when I’m done? We definitely see …

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Apr 25

When Is Cooking At Home A Waste Of Time?

Regular readers are well aware that we endlessly encourage you to live like locals when you travel by doing a cooking class to learn to make the local cuisine, by shopping at the markets, and by cooking a meal or two at ‘home’, wherever that may be. It’s a way to make your stay in …

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Dec 23

Christmas Cocktail Recipes and Tips From Sydney’s Best Bars

As we spent Christmas in Australia last year, we shared some Christmas cooking and foodie shopping tips from Australia’s finest chefs. This year, as we recently left Sydney, where we’d been writing about Sydney’s small bar scene among other things, we thought we’d ask some of the bar managers we met for Christmas cocktail recipes …

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