A timelapse of the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. Copyright © 2022 Terence Carter / Grantourismo. All Rights Reserved.

Venice’s Grand Canal: A Timeless Time-lapse

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We’re in Venice! And our ‘home’ for two weeks is a 17th century palazzo on the Grand Canal. While we normally begin each series of posts on a new place with a review of our latest holiday rental, we couldn’t resist starting Venice with a time-lapse sequence of the spectacular view from our latest digs. This is our Venice’s Grand Canal Time-lapse.

Just as I did with the time-lapse sequences in Kotor, Montenegro, I’ve simply put the camera on a tripod pointed at something scenic and left it for a few hours. However, this time, because of the number of hours and the number of frames I was trying to capture, I had to restart the counter every couple of hours. That’s not such a hardship when you’re staying on Venice’s beautiful Grand Canal…

This would have been okay, except I had to keep making spritzes for Lara and the visiting travel blogger Nomadic Matt who came to see how the other half lives (ahem), so there are a couple of gaps of a minute or so in places where I had to entertain Matt’s new-found affection for Aperol…

Fun facts: 1589 frames. Shot from 5:20pm to 9:53pm. Music written and played by yours truly on my laptop keyboard using Apple’s GarageBand software.

This is now the new HD (High Definition) version.


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14 thoughts on “Venice’s Grand Canal: A Timeless Time-lapse”

  1. I love your Time Lapse series. Do you actually take photographs of the scene and stitch them together? Or are these videos?? I like the view from your room…very E.M. Forster but in Venice.

  2. I love the part where the light drops at dusk. It’s like a magic wand has been waved…

    And the Spritz is highly addictive. We bought a bottle of Aperol as soon we got home from Italy. A perfect drink for our Aussie summer, don’t you think?

  3. It *is* gorgeous! Some people might be put off by the vaporetto stopping right out front, but our view is over the top of it, as you can see above, and I find it fascinating watching the people who get on and off – we’re seeing so many more Italians than tourist, going off to work, going shopping, taking their kids to and from school, and just generally going about their business. Nice.

  4. Hi Lara and Terence,
    Great video , loved the shadows creeping up the buildings.What a great way to capture a city location. I think my favourite cities are those with water running through but Venice takes it to a different level.

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