Cambodian Chef Tim Pheak, the Travelling Chef Living the Dream at Home

2019-02-16T18:58:44+07:00By |

Cambodian Chef Tim Pheak has probably travelled more than most Cambodian chefs his age. Yet he says he is finally living the dream as an executive chef in Cambodia's Siem Reap, where he's cooking elegant renditions on traditional Cambodian dishes with organic local produce. Cambodian chef Tim Pheak – Cambodians put family names first, so you'd [...]

Cambodian Chef Pola Siv on His Mother’s Cooking and How to Open a Restaurant

2019-02-12T20:59:49+07:00By |

Cambodian chef Pola Siv helms the kitchen of Mie Café, one of Siem Reap’s best restaurants, where the 35 year-old chef creates an elegant and inventive contemporary Cambodian cuisine rooted in local produce and European cooking techniques. Cambodian chef Pola Siv has a great story. Like the northern Cambodia city of Siem Reap’s other talented young [...]

Siem Reap Guide for Angkor Marathon Runners – Where to Eat, Drink and Spa

2018-12-23T13:44:32+07:00By |

Our Siem Reap guide for Angkor marathon runners in town this weekend for the 23rd Angkor Wat International Half Marathon on Sunday has suggestions for restaurants to go to load carbs, spas to get a well deserved massage, and bars and pubs to celebrate. This Siem Reap Guide for Angkor marathon runners has recommendations for [...]

Cambodian Female Chefs on Cambodian Cuisine, Seasonal Produce and Lost Ingredients

2018-11-19T21:05:10+07:00By |

Cambodian female chefs Pol Kimsan and Sok Kimsan helm an all-women kitchen and front-of-house team at one of Siem Reap’s finest Cambodian restaurants, Embassy. We chatted about Cambodian cuisine, seasonal produce, lost ingredients, and their future dreams. Cambodian female chefs Pol Kimsan and Sok Kimsan are the executive chefs of one of Siem Reap’s best [...]

New Cambodian Cuisine – The Cambodian Chefs Redefining Cambodian Food

2019-06-17T22:10:12+07:00By |

New Cambodian Cuisine is the name I’ve given to the inventive Cambodian food being created by a handful of young Cambodian chefs helming Siem Reap’s best Cambodian restaurants. Together they represent an exciting new grassroots Cambodian food movement that deserves your attention. I rarely share our published work these days, but I’m excited about our [...]

How to Experience the French Side of Siem Reap – A Local Guide, Ooh La La!

2019-01-08T22:26:56+07:00By |

How to experience the French side of Siem Reap is a question we get asked by French travellers and Francophiles on holiday in Cambodia. Siem Reap based French expat Christine Gleizes, owner of chic concept store Christine’s shares her local tips. How to experience the French side of Siem Reap is a question usually asked [...]

Viroths Hotel Siem Reap Named Best Hotel in the World – AGAIN for 2018!

2018-07-09T22:21:59+07:00By |

Viroths Hotel Siem Reap has been named best hotel in the world again this week by Trip Advisor users in the travel site’s annual Traveller's Choice awards for 2018. Curious as to what makes these hip lodgings so special they win two years in a row? Here's the lowdown on Siem Reap's most stylish boutique [...]

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