22 Best Egg Recipes for Breakfast for Dinner, Supper and Lunch

2019-04-21T13:36:12+07:00By |

Our best egg recipes were concocted for breakfast and brunch in kitchens around the world for our Weekend Eggs series. As Easter is ending, we still have eggs on our minds, and the breakfast for dinner trend isn't going anywhere, I thought it time to re-present our best egg recipes as dinner, supper and lunch [...]

Khao Soi Gai Recipe – How to Make Chiang Mai Curry Noodle Chicken Soup 

2019-06-16T17:24:03+07:00By |

This khao soi gai recipe makes the delicious Chiang Mai curry noodle chicken soup that is as beloved by foreign visitors as much as locals in the Northern Thailand city. Slurped at market stalls, simple eateries and fancy restaurants, khao soi gai quickly becomes addictive. Khao soi gai is the most popular noodle soup in [...]

Ragu alla Bolognese Recipe – How to Make a Traditional Bolognese Sauce

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This Ragu alla Bolognese recipe is based on the traditional recipe for this classic meat sauce from Bologna, Italy, used for both pasta and lasagne. Follow my exacting ingredient list and cooking directions and the result will be a perfect ragù alla Bolognese. This Ragu alla Bolognese recipe – or more correctly ragù alla Bolognese – [...]

Classic Pina Colada Recipe – A Cocktail that is the Tropics in a Glass

2019-06-16T14:05:47+07:00By |

This classic pina colada recipe is based on the original piña colada recipe of Ramón ‘Monchito’ Marrero who claimed to have concocted the pineapple and coconut cocktail at the Hilton Caribe Hotel in Puerto Rico. It's a taste of the Tropics in a glass. That means this classic pina colada recipe – a deliciously rich [...]

Ohn No Khao Swe Recipe – Burmese Chicken Coconut Noodle Soup

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This ohn no khao swe recipe for Myanmar’s beloved Burmese chicken coconut noodle soup, a distant relation to Chiang Mai's khao soi, is one that Terence has been making since we first became enamoured with the dish in Yangon on our first trip to the country. Our ohn no khao swe recipe for Myanmar’s much-loved [...]

Russian Recipes, Holiday Memories, Homesickness, and Nostalgia

2018-01-25T20:43:21+07:00By |

My family Russian recipes make an appearance every January when Terence and I can often be found in the kitchen rolling out dough for Russian dumplings and making baboushka's pink beetroot potato, while I recollect the summer holiday family feasts of my childhood, and miss loved-ones back in Australia. January is holiday time. It’s summer [...]

Watermelon Mint Cooler Recipe – A Refreshing Cocktail For a Warm Day

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This watermelon mint cooler recipe is super easy to mix and makes for a refreshing light cocktail to drink on a stifling summer afternoon or a sticky day in the tropics. If you’re in the chilly northern hemisphere turn up your heating and pretend you’re some place warm. Here in Siem Reap we're continuing our holiday cocktail [...]

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