Best Asian Street Food Recipes from Fresh Spring Rolls to Spicy Noodle Soups

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Our best Asian street food recipes cover everything from the fresh spring rolls found in markets and street food stalls across Southeast Asia to the spicy noodle soups from Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, and Malaysia that you can slurp on the streets, from mobile carts, and at simple shophouse eateries. We're just back from Saigon, where [...]

Pork and Crab Congee with XO Sauce Recipe by Chef Christine Manfield

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This pork and crab congee with XO sauce recipe comes courtesy of Australian chef Christine Manfield who shared it with us after I sampled her heavenly take on the Chinese rice porridge in Battambang of all places a couple of years ago. It only took one spoonful of this sublime savoury rice porridge for my [...]

Best Curry Recipes from Southeast Asia for When You Need Spice in Your Life

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Our best curry recipes from Southeast Asia include a rich Cambodian Saraman curry and its Thai cousin beef Massaman curry to a more gently-spiced steamed Cambodian fish curry called amok trei and the decadent pork belly curry, Gaeng hang lay moo from Northern Thailand, and Gaeng gari gai, a chicken curry recipe from Southern Thailand. [...]

Best Asian Noodle Recipes to Satisfy Your Comfort Food Cravings

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Our best Asian noodle recipes include recipes for an array of Southeast Asian noodle soups, and even Asian stir-fry noodles, from a spice-laden Singapore curry laksa and a creamy coconut-based Chiang Mai khao soi gai to a Lao khao soi with a ragu Bolognese-like sauce and Indonesia’s chicken soup for the soul, soto ayam. We’ve [...]

No-Recipe Recipes – Fun Idea or A Short Cut to Kitchen Nightmares

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No-recipe recipes may sound like a fun idea for busy people who have no time to follow convoluted recipes and the no-recipe recipe trend being promoted by the New York Times seems to be a popular one. Fun as they might be, no-recipe recipes are also a short cut to kitchen nightmares. Each week New [...]

Fresh Herb Salad Recipe – Yum Chee from 100 Mahaseth Restaurant Bangkok

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This fresh herb salad recipe makes a big fragrant bowl of Yum Chee from 100 Mahaseth Restaurant, Bangkok, and comes courtesy of owner-chef Chalee Kader. European in presentation, it’s distinctly Southeast Asian in its sweet and sour flavours and zestiness. I’ve been hankering to make this fresh herb salad recipe since we first tasted it [...]

Creamy Curried Egg Sandwich Recipe with Soft Boiled Eggs on Sourdough

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This creamy curried egg sandwich recipe made with soft boiled eggs and served as an open sandwich on lightly toasted sourdough is our take on the traditional curried egg sandwich we grew up eating as children in Australia. Who would have thought you needed a recipe for a curried egg sandwich? I didn't until Terence [...]

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