Best Luang Prabang Boutique Hotels for Absorbing the Town’s History and Culture

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The best Luang Prabang boutique hotels to book to absorb the history, culture and beauty of this well preserved UNESCO World Heritage listed old town include handsome French colonial-era residences of late kings, a former royal summer house, and the old French Governor’s residence of the 1900s. Lovely Luang Prabang received its UNESCO World Heritage [...]

A Grantourismo Guide to Love, Romance and Local Travel

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I was asked to craft a Grantourismo-style romantic city escape or luxury honeymoon holiday, a break focused firmly on love and romance but one involving a slow, local and experiential travel, and a lot of food and wine. Grantourismo's romantic city escapes and luxury honeymoon holidays Barcelona, Spain Stay The intimate ABaC Hotel, designed by architect Antoni de [...]

12 Reasons We Are Smitten With South East Asia

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We spent a lot of time in 2011 in South East Asia. Based out of Bangkok for four months while researching a book and working on stories, we bounced across the region on assignments, around Thailand, along the Mekong, and to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It's since we left, while posting our Asian stories, that we’ve [...]

Where to Stay in Luang Prabang

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Where to stay in Luang Prabang? A decade ago your options would have been limited to guesthouses, because for many years the UNESCO World Heritage-listed town was predominantly a backpacker destination with few choices for travellers looking for comfort and style. Things have changed in Luang Prabang, and while backpackers still outnumber other travellers, the charming [...]

Local Knowledge: Hack from Luang Prabang

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The waiter who looked after us during the Amantaka cooking course we did on the organic farm in the Luang Prabang countryside was brilliant. His service was impeccable. He was so good at his job that when we asked him what his future plans were, whether he had a dream, we expected he would say [...]

Lao Cooking Course on an Organic Farm in the Luang Prabang Countryside

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We’re doing a morning market walk, followed by a Lao cooking course on an organic farm in the Luang Prabang countryside, with sous-chef Anousith from the beautiful Amantaka resort. When I ask Anousith where he’s from, he responds “Luang Prabang," and grins. "But my home is the morning market.” It’s early morning in Luang Prabang and while the [...]

Exploring Phousi Hill for Golden Buddhas and Luang Prabang Vistas

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Exploring Phousi Hill, also known as Phou Si or Mount Phousi, is one of those must-do activities that travellers to Luang Prabang do, as much for the sweeping vistas of the sleepy town, the Mekong River and Khan River, and the surrounding mountains, as for the hidden temples, shrines, stupas, and golden Buddhas that dot the lush 100 [...]

Tamarind Lao Cooking Course in Luang Prabang, Laos

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After our Phousi Market walk with Joy Ngeuamboupha, the owner and chef of Luang Prabang restaurant Tamarind, we drive to Joy’s cooking school in the countryside to begin our Lao Cooking Course. The Tamarind Cooking School is in a fantastic, airy, open-sided bamboo and palm frond pavilion by a lotus pond. There's plenty of bench space and [...]

Learning About Lao Cuisine on a Market Walk in Luang Prabang

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It’s safe to say that Lao cuisine is not known very well outside Southeast Asia — unlike Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Lao food hasn’t reached the level of popularity — and ubiquity — that other Southeast Asian cuisines have in the West. Laos cuisine has stayed as mysterious as the country itself — which is exactly why [...]

Best Lao Khao Soi in Luang Prabang – Footpath Feasting in Laos

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Best Lao Khao Soi in Luang Prabang is to be found in a simple, squat, open-fronted timber and corrugated iron shed, with a handful of wooden tables inside. There's no sign and nothing whatsoever to identify the dilapidated eatery as Luang Prabang’s best Lao khao soi place but trust us, it's worth the trouble to find [...]

Touring the Temples of Luang Prabang, Laos

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Marvelling at the mural and mosaic covered temples of Luang Prabang is the next must-do activity after the early morning alms giving. There are 33 glittering temples — known as both wats and vats in Laos — in the ancient Lao royal capital so we decided to start by focusing on a few and seeing them [...]

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