Price Check: a Ceret Shopping List

2019-04-22T16:43:29+07:00By |

What we are really loving about doing this Price Check series – more than forcing us to do comparison shops at every destination – is that it’s making us pay more attention to what’s on the shelves at supermarkets, rather than what we are buying, and is therefore helping us to understand what people are …

Rough ‘n’ Tumble Rugby in Céret

2019-04-22T16:35:00+07:00By |

There is a sporting language that everyone speaks in Southern France and it’s not football – in the name of living like locals we go to watch a local game of rugby in Céret. In the region of France where we’re currently staying, many people speak four languages: French, Catalan, Spanish (Castilian or castellano), and …

Our Home Away From Home in Ceret

2019-04-22T16:34:23+07:00By |

The petite Catalan village of Ceret, or Céret in French, in the foothills of the French Pyrénées, not far from Perpignan, is the location of our latest home away from home for two weeks. A quaint village of tiny squares with cafés and fountains, and narrow streets lined with lofty plane trees, Ceret is famous for its …

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