We love eating street food on the footpaths of Bangkok. But if there is a downside, it’s the sweltering heat and often stifling humidity that nearly constantly hangs over the city. There is a cure though.

And that cure is beer. Icy cold beer, like the one in the photo above. There’s nothing like sipping Singha beer in Bangkok. Singha beer is just the right ‘weight’ beer for street food. I love Beer Lao and Chang beer, but there’s something about Singha on a steamy night.

You might have had to wait for three overcrowded BTS trains to get on. You might have spent an hour in a taxi going one kilometre. You might have walked the streets to your favourite street food eat street past vendors selling you everything from sunglasses to sex tape DVD’s and and your shirt is sticking to your back. But it’s worth it when you pull up a little plastic stool at your favourite street vendor’s stall and having a near-frozen beer plonked on the table.

You sip, you watch the semi-ordered chaos of Bangkok life pass you by, and you wait for that cooked-to-order choice to hit the table. And repeat. Bliss.

But I still combine work with pleasure. I’ve sold a lot of photographs of eating street food in Bangkok, just shot at the table while were eating or waiting for food.

Sure the light generally is rubbish, but you have to accept it for what it is. Hard, directional light is not really what food photographers are looking for. But look at what the light is doing to the frost on the bottle. It’s like a back-lit beer advertisement — although they’d never use that glass.

But that’s part of the term of eating on the streets of Bangkok. And it’s worth a photo or two.

Camera and Lens details:

Details: Nikon D700, 35mm F2 @ F4 @ 1/30th second @ ISO3200. 

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