In destinations such as Marrakech or Essaouira, it’s much more fun to head to the local markets to do your shopping, rather than a supermarket. However, unless you have a local to take you shopping the first time, we suggest you head to a supermarket with fixed prices first to get an idea as to what things cost – otherwise, you’ll probably end up paying ‘tourist prices’ for your Marrakech shopping list in the markets.

Marrakech shopping list.

We’ve used today’s currency rates below from rounding up/down. MAD = Maroc dirhams

1.5 litre water4 MAD£0.30€0.35US$0.50
1 litre milk8 MAD£0.60€0.70US$1.00
Bottle of local wine70 MAD£5.50€6.25US$8.45
33cl Casablanca lager16 MAD£1.25€1.40US$1.90
100g Nescafe29 MAD£2.25€2.60US$3.50
250 g Lavazza37 MAD£2.90€3.30US$4.45
Lipton 100 teabags45 MAD£3.50€4.00US$5.45
Jar of rose jam15 MAD£1.15€1.30US$1.20
1 loaf of bread2 MAD£0.15€0.17US$0.25
250g quality butter40 MAD£3.15€3.50US$4.80
200g French brie20 MAD£1.55€1.75US$2.40
500 ml olive oil40 MAD£3.15€3.50US$4.80
1 dozen eggs15 MAD£1.15€1.30US$1.80
1 kilo tomatoes8 MAD£0.60€0.70US$1.00
1 kilo onions4 MAD£0.30€0.35US$0.50
1 kilo apples26 MAD£2€2.30US$3.15
250g harissa2.50 MAD£0.20€0.22US$0.30
250 g pistachios30 MAD£2.40€2.65US$3.60
Total:411.50 MAD£32€36US$50

Once you’ve established what these items cost in the supermarket it’s time to use your best Arabic or French to haggle in the markets where nothing appears to have a price tag!

Let us know what you think of our list — is there anything we overlooked? Are there any essentials you’d probably include on your first shop in a city when you’re renting a place?

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