If you’re staying in a holiday rental in a village like Tumbak Bayuh in Bali, as we have been, you could find yourself a little frustrated by shopping in Bali, and might be happy to hand over the task to your villa cook if you have one.

While locals generally shop for fruit and veg at the nearest village market, and they’re certainly fun to wander around, according to our villa cook Desak, the quality of produce at the markets is nowhere near as good as the supermarkets.

When it comes to shopping the supermarkets, we have a choice of a handful of medium-sized places nearby such as Tiara, or heading into Seminyak to Bintang supermarket or the gourmet Bali Deli, or to the colossal Carrefour in Kuta, a 30 minute or so drive away depending on traffic. In emergencies, there are tiny warung, or simple convenience stores-cum-snack bars in shacks that dot the village, and plenty of 24-hour mini markets on the road into Seminyak – with plenty of beer, soft drinks and junk food.

Supermarket shelves are crammed with all kinds of Indonesian products, along with the ubiquitous ‘Western’ products seemingly found in every supermarket around the world, from Lipton tea to Nescafe coffee. But the highlight of shopping here must be the array of delicious fruit, from yellow watermelons (that seem to get sweeter by the day) to sublime orange paw paws.

While prices aren’t as low as we were led to believe – and indeed some things are expensive, such as a bottle of Hatten wine (above) – for travellers needing to stock up on toiletries, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo and conditioner are all ridiculously cheap.

2 litre water R21,000 £1.53 US$2.32
1 litre milk R13,550 £0.99 US$1.50
Bottle of local wine R150,000 £10.95 US$16.58
650 ml Bintang beer R20,000 £1.46 US$2.21
100g Nescafe R73,150 £5.34 US$8.09
250g Java organic coffee beans R59,330 £4.33 US$6.56
Lipton’s tea 50 bags R15,000 £1.09 US$1.66
1 kg sugar R11,330 £0.83 US$1.25
Jar of blossom honey R8,970 £0.65 US$0.99
1 loaf of bread R9,670 £0.71 US$1.07
250g quality butter R21,980 £1.60 US$2.43
200g NZ cheese R17,400 £1.27 US$1.92
500 ml oil R51,300 £3.74 US$5.67
1 doz organic eggs R16,200 £1.18 US$1.79
1 kilo tomatoes R22,000 £1.61 US$2.43
1 kilo onions R14,520 £1.06 US$1.61
1 kilo apples R21,880 £1.60 US$2.42
250g pistachios R9,500 £0.69 US$1.05
1 dragonfruit R18,980 £1.39 US$2.10
Total: R575,760 £42.02 US$63.65
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