Classic Pina Colada Recipe – A Cocktail that is the Tropics in a Glass

2019-06-16T14:05:47+07:00By |

This classic pina colada recipe is based on the original piña colada recipe of Ramón ‘Monchito’ Marrero who claimed to have concocted the pineapple and coconut cocktail at the Hilton Caribe Hotel in Puerto Rico. It's a taste of the Tropics in a glass. That means this classic pina colada recipe – a deliciously rich [...]

Watermelon Mint Cooler Recipe – A Refreshing Cocktail For a Warm Day

2019-06-16T14:09:40+07:00By |

This watermelon mint cooler recipe is super easy to mix and makes for a refreshing light cocktail to drink on a stifling summer afternoon or a sticky day in the tropics. If you’re in the chilly northern hemisphere turn up your heating and pretend you’re some place warm. Here in Siem Reap we're continuing our holiday cocktail [...]

Classic Champagne Cocktail Recipe with a Tropical (Dragon) Fruit Twist

2019-06-15T13:18:08+07:00By |

This classic Champagne cocktail recipe with a tropical fruit twist is a recipe for fun. Serve this exuberant champagne cocktail at the beginning of a meal or social gathering over the holiday season and I guarantee you’ll kick-start the revelry. Champagne is a drink for celebrations and cocktail parties, a sophisticated way to commence a [...]

White Peach Bellini Recipe and Christmas Tips from Chef Peter Gilmore

2019-06-15T15:36:47+07:00By |

This White Peach Bellini recipe is courtesy of one of Australia’s best chefs, Peter Gilmore, who helms the kitchens of Quay and Bennelong in Sydney, arguably two of the city’s and Australia's finest restaurants. Here he shares his recipe for his go-to Christmas Day drink and some Christmas tips. Merry Christmas! Hoping you're all having [...]

Christmas Tips from Food Writers, Editors and Cookbook Authors

2018-11-27T19:07:46+07:00By |

As our Christmas tips from the best chefs in Asia are proving to be as popular as the last minute Christmas tips from Australia's finest chefs we ran, we thought we'd seek some Christmas tips from food writers and editors from around the world. It made sense to consult our colleagues and seek some Christmas tips from food [...]

Shaken Not Stirred: a Martini 101 or How To Order A Martini

2018-11-26T11:50:27+07:00By |

It’s Saturday evening here in Siem Reap and Lara and I are starting to think about cocktails. It's too early for a martini so we'll probably start with a negroni. Here's our Martini 101, a guide to how to order a martini. This time last Saturday night we were heading out to a fancy hotel [...]

Christmas Cocktail Recipes and Tips From Sydney’s Best Bars

2019-01-29T13:15:17+07:00By |

When we spent Christmas in Australia last year we shared some Christmas cooking and gift tips from Australia's finest chefs. As we recently left Sydney, where we'd been researching Sydney's small bar scene, among other things, we thought we’d share some Christmas cocktail recipes and tips from Sydney’s best bars. We hoped it might make your holiday entertaining a [...]

How To Make A Mojito

2018-11-26T12:34:10+07:00By |

Cocktail time. A class on how to make a Mojito was one of the highlights of the Taste of Melbourne festival. Out of all the events we went to, the cocktail making lessons were the ones that seemed to excite festivalgoers the most. Long lines, packed sessions, and lots of locals taking their cocktail educations [...]

Tips for a Successful Dinner Party Away

2018-11-25T17:28:43+07:00By |

We’ve been doing a bit of entertaining the last few days at Lara’s uncle’s house in Bendigo culminating me cooking a five-course meal yesterday for some of our old friends. It got me thinking about entertaining when you’re on holidays, particularly if you’re staying in a home that’s not yours or a holiday rental… Some [...]

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