Bangkok Street Food Dishes To Try – Do As The Locals Do, Graze All Day

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Bangkok street food dishes you must try when you're on the move in the Thai capital include rice porridges, soups, noodles, and fried snacks, such as the chefs’ favourite, oyster omelette. You could eat on the streets from breakfast through to dessert, if you do as the locals do and graze all day. When we asked [...]

Siem Reap Angkor Wat FAQs – Your Travel Questions Answered

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These Siem Reap Angkor Wat FAQs have come from readers of Grantourismo, our friends on social media and participants who have signed up for our Cambodia Culinary Tours and Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreats. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll respond. This [...]

Footpath Feasting: Vietnam Eating Tips from a Local Expert

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Planning a holiday in Vietnam with food a high priority? Who better to consult for Vietnam eating trips than a local expert, the kind we go to for recommendations when we head back to Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City resident, writer, and street food tour operator, Barbara Adam. As long as we've been travelling – and long before we started [...]

Chiang Mai Food Tour – Footpath Feasting in the Old Lanna Capital

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A Chiang Mai food tour is the number one thing to do in Chiang Mai for culinary travellers visiting Northern Thailand's ancient Lanna capital. It's no surprise. Chiang Mai is a fantastic destination for foodies with great eating in Chiang Mai restaurants, markets and on the streets. Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand has long been one [...]

Footpath Feasting: Phuket Street Food in Phuket Town

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Phuket street food in Phuket Town includes everything from crispy savoury pancakes called a-pong to flaky roti dipped in tiny bowls of curry — all delicious outcomes of the Thai island’s deep culinary influences from China, India, Malaysia, Southern Thailand, and beyond. The first thing you need to know is that Phuket street food is primarily [...]

Savour Siem Reap — A Bespoke Culinary Experience Crafted By Lara

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If you don’t want to waste a meal in Siem Reap, you want to taste authentic Cambodian food and not the Thai-Cambodian fusion most tourist restaurants offer, and you're keen to sample street food and learn how the locals eat, then book my Savour Siem Reap bespoke culinary experience. Along with my bespoke Inside Siem Reap and Shop Siem Reap [...]

Our Hanoi Bia Hoi Guide — All You Need to Know About Hanoi’s Fresh Beer

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Bia hoi has never been so popular in Hanoi. Wine bars and gastro pubs have been popping up in cities right across Asia in recent years. But while microbrewery craft beers and obscure French organic biodynamic wines have taken the region by storm, in Hanoi, Vietnam, the bia hoi joint reigns supreme. Our Hanoi bia hoi [...]

How To Eat Like Locals When You Travel

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How to eat like locals when you travel? There’s an abundance of advice out there: slurp soup from a street food stall, sample home-cooked food at a local home, savour creative cuisine at a secret supper club, or... eat fast food at KFC or McDonalds. Which advice should you follow? How To Eat Like Locals [...]

The Condiment Tray and DIY Seasoning in Asia – Footpath Feasting 101

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The condiment tray or condiment caddy on the table at Asian restaurants, modest eateries, market tables, and street food stalls is there for a reason. It's DIY seasoning. Don't worry, you're not going to upset the chef. In Asia, you're meant to customise your dish. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been footpath [...]

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