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About Terence Carter

Terence Carter is an editorial food and travel photographer and infrequent travel writer with a love of photographing people, places and plates of food. After living in the Middle East for a dozen years, he settled in South-East Asia a dozen years ago with his wife, travel and food writer and sometime magazine editor Lara Dunston.

Spicy Potato Wedges Recipe With Sweet Chilli Sauce and Sour Cream

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Our spicy potato wedges recipe takes the classic Australian café, pub and bar snack of potato wedges with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream and gives it a spicy Asian twist. These skin-on potato wedges can be fried or baked, but we've gone for the healthier oven-baked route. Don't worry, this spicy potato wedges recipe ...

Chicken Katsu Burger Recipe for Crunchy Tender Chicken Cutlets with Spicy Slaw

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This chicken katsu burger recipe places a crunchy tender chicken cutlet, prepared using the classic Japanese katsu method of panko-breaded and deep-fried chicken, between spicy Asian slaw, tangy Japanese-style barbecue sauce, and soft burger buns. Serve with hand-cut fries and you’re in chicken katsu burger heaven. While we love Japanese pork tonkatsu in sandwiches, tender ...

Easy Nduja Bruschetta Recipe with Goats Cheese and Sweet Red Capsicum

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This easy nduja bruschetta recipe with goat’s cheese and sweet red capsicum makes a snack that's perfect for a brunch or lunch spread, finger food or pre-dinner nibbles. The ’nduja brings the salami heat, the goat’s cheese brings a creamy sweetness, and the red peppers add a nice acidic tartness. It’s next in our series ...

Traditional Burmese Egg Curry Recipe for a Myanmar Breakfast Favourite

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This traditional Burmese egg curry recipe makes a Myanmar curry shop staple that’s typically eaten for breakfast. Served with a spicy tomato and onion-based curry, the boiled eggs are peeled and deep fried in turmeric until golden, which is why you’ll also see this called a Burmese golden egg curry recipe in Burmese cookbooks. This ...

Traditional Scotch Eggs Recipe with a Thai Inspired Pad Kra Pao Twist

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This traditional Scotch eggs recipe for the classic British picnic snack has a Thai-influenced twist inspired by the Thai stir-fry favourite, pad kra pao or pad gaprao. Scotch eggs are traditionally made with a boiled egg wrapped in seasoned sausage meat, which is crumbed and deep-fried. Here, I’ve given the minced pork a pad kra ...

Easy Nduja Pizza Recipe and How to Make a Dutch Oven Pizza

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Our easy nduja pizza recipe makes a gently spiced pizza with the spicy Calabrian spreadable pork sausage combined with tomatoes and tomato paste to make a delicious base. Although cooked in a Dutch Oven it manages to have the hallmarks of a pizza made in a traditional pizza oven. Our ’nduja pizza recipe is next ...