Price Check: What Things Cost Around the World

2018-11-26T16:21:29+07:00By |

Aimed at helping travellers staying in holiday rentals and settling into a place for a while, Price Check is a series of posts in which we reported every two weeks on the prices of groceries (no, not only beer) at each destination we stayed on our yearlong grand tour. This post is a comparison of [...]

A Year of Rhythm and Beats: Sounds and Music from a Grand Tour

2018-05-10T20:23:05+07:00By |

I grew up in a family where everyone played at least two or three musical instruments. That’s not a boast. I had to listen to musical scales being played on piano every day during my childhood. For three hours. Every day. I placed my fingers in my ears while cello, violin and viola practice was taking [...]

My Best Foodie Travel Moments from our Grand Tour

2015-08-25T12:47:32+07:00By |

We did a hell of a lot of food-related activities over the last 12 months for Grantourismo. And my best foodie travel moments of the year didn’t occur while seated at a voguish restaurant… 1. Tasting cheese at Neal’s Yard Dairy in London. It’s not just the French who have fabulous cheeses! And yes, we [...]

Romantic Travel: Getting In the Mood for Romance

2015-08-25T12:48:00+07:00By |

As it’s Valentines Day, we thought we’d offer some romantic travel ideas and tips from our grand tour for getting in the mood for romance. It may be too late to get on a flight to Marrakech or book a beach house in Costa Rica, but there’s nothing stopping you from cooking your special someone a [...]

Down at Diani Beach

2018-05-10T15:47:53+07:00By |

When it comes to wonderful beaches around the world, Diani Beach doesn’t immediately spring to mind, yet we quickly discovered that the place is popular with travellers looking to top or tail their safari trip with some sun, sea and sand. Being Australian, I’m pretty opinionated when it comes to beaches. I love the breathtakingly [...]

A Balinese Royal Cremation Ceremony

2018-12-17T17:59:13+07:00By |

Kiki was adamant. "There is a Royal Cremation Ceremony tomorrow," she told us, "You must go!" Our villa manager, Kiki had made it her mission to ensure we were getting the breadth of Bali's local experiences. And while I’m not one for taking photos at funerals (err, or weddings, for that matter), Kiki was right. Mengwi’ Queen [...]

A video of Villa Tukad, Bali

2018-12-17T17:42:49+07:00By |

Sometimes words and photos are not enough... a video of Villa Tukad, featuring the sights and sounds from the idyllic surroundings of our latest holiday rental in Bali, Indonesia. A Video of Villa Tukad, Tumbank Bayuh, Bali Scenes from Villa Tukad, Bali. from Gran Tourismo on Vimeo. Video shot with our Olympus PEN E-P2, and edited [...]

Giving Back: It Doesn’t Take Much to Make A Difference

2018-12-17T18:02:09+07:00By |

Giving back to each of the places we visited this year was one of our goals of our grand tour, along with living like locals, doing and learning things, and travelling more sustainably. The aim was to enrich ourselves and travel more meaningfully as much as it was to show travellers the kinds of experiences [...]

Cooking in Bali with Desak in a Cultural Cooking Exchange

2018-12-17T17:50:34+07:00By |

Cooking in Bali with Desak ended up being one of the highlights of our two-week stay in our Balinese villa, allowing us to tick off a few grand tour goals — learning from locals, learning to cook the local cuisine, and giving back. I taught Desak Western dishes in exchange. Cooking with Desak in Bali in a Cultural Cooking [...]

Bali Take-Homes: Textiles, Fair Trade and Threads of Life

2019-08-14T00:24:22+07:00By |

Threads of Life is a gorgeous fair trade gallery-cum-shop in Ubud that sells exquisite handmade textiles from Bali and the rest of the Indonesia that are ethically produced. Forget the tourist markets. This is my pick for a one-stop shop for your Bali take-homes. Most visitors to Bali buy their souvenirs – masks, carvings, sarongs, and [...]

Ubud Monkey Forest — Monkey Business at Bali’s Macaque Sanctuary

2018-12-17T17:47:36+07:00By |

Ubud Monkey Forest must top the list of things to do for most visitors to Bali's cultural heart of Ubud. It certainly made the top of our list — and it made our day. Ubud Monkey Forest — Monkey Business at Bali's Macaque Sanctuary As animal lovers, we can't resist getting up close to such adorable and amazingly [...]

Escape to Ubud, the Heart of Balinese Culture and Art

2018-11-26T11:14:23+07:00By |

The artistic, cultural and spiritual heart of Bali for centuries, Ubud is serenely located up in the hills in lush jungle, surrounded by rice-paddies. Lined with galleries, cafés and craft shops, its narrow streets are a delight to wander — just watch out for those drains! There’s no denying that Ubud has become increasingly commercial and its [...]

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