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80/20 Restaurant Bangkok Chefs on Rebooting the Evolution of Thai Cuisine

2020-06-26T16:47:24+07:00By |

80/20 restaurant Bangkok chefs Napol ‘Joe’ Jantraget and Saki Hoshino are creating some of Thailand’s most inspired and imaginative contemporary Thai cuisine. Passionate about local produce, little known ingredients, and preservation and fermentation, the husband and wife chefs hope to reboot the evolution of Thai cuisine. Chefs Napol ‘Joe’ Jantraget and Saki Hoshino's 80/20 restaurant ...

Cambodian Chef Tim Pheak, the Travelling Chef Living the Dream at Home

2020-06-26T16:53:03+07:00By |

Cambodian Chef Tim Pheak has probably travelled more than most Cambodian chefs his age. Yet he says he is finally living the dream as an executive chef in Cambodia's Siem Reap, where he's cooking elegant renditions on traditional Cambodian dishes with organic local produce. Cambodian chef Tim Pheak – Cambodians put family names first, so you'd ...

Cambodian Chef Pola Siv on His Mother’s Cooking and How to Open a Restaurant

2020-06-26T17:00:34+07:00By |

Cambodian chef Pola Siv helms the kitchen of Mie Café, one of Siem Reap’s best restaurants, where the 35 year-old chef creates an elegant and inventive contemporary Cambodian cuisine rooted in local produce and European cooking techniques. Cambodian chef Pola Siv has a great story. Like the northern Cambodia city of Siem Reap’s other talented young ...

Canvas Chef Riley Sanders Creates a Cuisine Inspired by a City, Bangkok

2020-06-26T17:21:29+07:00By |

Canvas chef Riley Sanders is creating a cuisine inspired by a city and that city is Bangkok. Sanders’ inventive food is rooted in beautiful, fresh, local produce, sourced from organic farmers and small growers across Thailand. It has earned Riley and Canvas a Michelin star. The 2019 Thailand Michelin Guide was released a few days ...

Barcelona Travel Tips to Reduce Overtourism – Local Tips to Help the Locals

2020-06-26T19:30:09+07:00By |

Barcelona travel tips to reduce overtourism and give back to locals rather than take away, include everything from avoiding the overcrowded sights and exploring lesser-visited neighbourhoods to visiting over the quieter winter and Christmas and New Year season. We thought it time to ask a local expert for some Barcelona travel tips to reduce overtourism ...

The Young Cambodian Chef Cooking Local Food For People Who Travel for Food

2020-06-26T17:35:00+07:00By |

Meet the young Cambodian chef cooking local food for people who travel for food. We chat to chef Mork Mengly of Pou Restaurant and Bar about cooking strange things, beautiful plating, and taking Cambodian food to the world. The young Cambodian chef cooking local food for people who travel food is chef Mork Mengly, the ...

Cambodian Female Chefs on Cambodian Cuisine, Seasonal Produce, Lost Ingredients

2020-06-26T17:30:00+07:00By |

Cambodian female chefs Pol Kimsan and Sok Kimsan helm an all-women kitchen and front-of-house team at one of Siem Reap’s finest Cambodian restaurants, Embassy. We chatted about Cambodian cuisine, seasonal produce, lost ingredients, and their future dreams. Cambodian female chefs Pol Kimsan and Sok Kimsan are the executive chefs of one of Siem Reap’s best ...

100 Mahaseth Restaurant Chef Chalee Kader on Northeastern Thai Food and Getting Creative

2019-09-07T07:52:48+07:00By |

100 Mahaseth restaurant chef Chalee Kader and partner Chaichat ‘Randy’ Noprapa are responsible for one of our new favourite Bangkok restaurants – a nose-to-tail joint in hip Charoenkrung specialising in wonderful Northern Thai and Northeastern Thai food that is laidback, fun, and eco-friendly. While Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand are familiar to most travellers to ...

How to Experience the French Side of Siem Reap – A Local Guide, Ooh La La!

2019-01-08T22:26:56+07:00By |

How to experience the French side of Siem Reap is a question we get asked by French travellers and Francophiles on holiday in Cambodia. Siem Reap based French expat Christine Gleizes, owner of chic concept store Christine’s shares her local tips. How to experience the French side of Siem Reap is a question usually asked ...

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